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That's time okay. My dad low sketchy their little opportunistic. Going for the balls on the ground interesting thrown absolutely talking with like throw ables so those had been thrown at me so those were fair game. Yeah i think technically you're probably right. We didn't outline the rules on that. Okay so we're going to go to a final count and see how many balls my dad got. And he did a lot of damage at the end after the clock expires or not after clog is no but you did like ten balls on the floor there real fast maybe three or four but again thrown right balls absolute rules were laid down note assures came to throw me out. No they thanked me actually now. Of course thank you okay you i love you. Remember her name after all these decades same as my sister of the young lady that email me not. Oh my leisure from dodger stadium right okay. Let's do account. We'll be right back. We're let's count the ball's dad all right. let's go. i went to know what you think. you got. One twenty four twenty five two three four four five six seven eight nine. Sure he's only pulling out one at a time there donna eleven. Wow oh wow oh my goodness. Their team was man's a beast. It sixty seventy why money and then there's one more here on the floor which makes twenty one man those ruina ballgame you very. What is that twenty five dollars. Five hundred twenty five hundred twenty five dollars a sweetheart. I don't pay for tickets. Oh did not have to remember a phrase either that time okay with those phrases especially with do you want save this As for souvenir. Or i'm gonna make a collage out of it. Okay sure we'll we'll set these aside for you know. Congratulations thank you. I don't wanna spill your water these off the table fantastic well war time. Look at the mess on the floor. Is this going to be a weekly thing. Yeah you were. You wanna do advice mom. Oh share nora. We got some pretty good ones here today. Actually let's start from the top here. Please help me ethan donna. I've been with my boyfriend for four years now and living with him for years as well at our last place. We had two bedrooms one for his office video. Game one for us to share. He's been ninety percent of his time in their always keeping the door. Lock and i had to knock before coming in now. We're moved into a new place and have the same setup but his room doesn't have a lock he recently asked me if i could still knock and today i noticed that he put stuff in front of the door so it'd be harder for me to open. He barricaded the door. He said it was a warning to himself. He said it was a warning to himself. I'm there and he feels vulnerable. When i just come in. I'm really weirded out by not sure what to think. I keep thinking about how if we have kids someday. I don't want them to have their dad's spent so much time in his bedroom. Buying a locked door. What do you guys think sincerely. Anonymous worried and confused. I mean he's jerking off. He think that's all she says. He spends most of his time behind that door. How much jerking off. Can he do well. i know i've ever he's doing. I think when you meet someone inevitable potential for a relationship you want. Someone is close to normal as possible and talk about a red flag. I mean what more could this guy be doing to say. There's something wrong with me because that is not normal behavior by any means so they've been together for four years. You wanna take a stab together. For four years. They've been living together for years and I think it's very strange that he locks the door. It seems to me like something nefarious is going on. I mean he could be a. He's he could be. He can rattle radicalized by al-qaeda. Enough to own my god going on you radicalize. I mean if she ever asks him. Can we blame that stuff. Dan thank you. Want the child to see p. Things a little rough with the allocation will will take care of it also kaieda to. I'll just say. I'll say we'll fix it. Yeah we'll take care of it all right but they're great. Those are great guests. Is i mean. Are we still yet. Oh okay I just think that she should ask him why. It's necessary to lock the door if he's just playing games. I mean it's not like he's taping something and it's a sound Stage we'll even then you wouldn't have to lock the door. I just think that it's seems very sketchy very antisocial behavior and He's got something to hide. I joke that's that's the bottom line right. i mean i joke about masturbating. Listen if you're in your room playing video games all day you lock it when you jerk off and then you unlock it. But how well do you know this getting off to the. Do games were kind of video games. Is you watching what he said. I don't think necessarily at the same time although hey for that because some of those video game characters are pretty buxom out. You've seen But but probably not that. That means big lead right. Thank you well my advice. We need a button. We need one of those buttons to what is button down pan. Oh yeah dolly need a dumping button dump them dump a mom all right very odd. So here's the thing. Obviously you guys been together a long time so i don't know how much you've talked to him about this issue. How much have you expressed your discomfort with this. Is you have you you know. How much do you know about what goes on in that bedroom. Apparently she's in no any. What do you wanna be with a partner who so antisocial that. He's spending ninety percent of his time in his bedroom. He doesn't wanna be with spend time with you. I find that odd but the truth is he's definitely hiding something if he's in there and he's that guard with the lock. There's something he deathly doesn't want you to know about and that's the that's the truth. Yeah yeah so. I would try to talk to him. Obviously in relation for a long time i don't know if i'm ready to dump him but have a conversation and then and then down pat him. 'cause nothing good is gonna come out of that. Conversation probably just seems weird that he actually barricaded the door. That's just going above and beyond the something that you have to be really afraid to barricade the door you know. That's just so bizarre. You think he got radicalized on eye on. I mean who knows what he's doing in there. It's just really strange. He's doing something either illegal or something. He's very ashamed of that. He's inclined there all day long. My guess is probably playing good a fair amount of video games which is really the only way to sit and blow that much time in one place but there's also something sketchy going on there. Yeah i think maybe she's still in the relationship because it's comfortable for her and she's been there and even as strange as it is it. It feels natural. But i she needs to get out of her comfort zone and let someone else consisted. Only been together for awhile you know. What kind of guy is he is. He like a neurotic. Kinda do have a job. i mean what. Yeah really. we're gonna have to say dump them on this one sir. Let them down bari. Don't care about. And i don't care about anything missiles you amanda find you. Amanda wants to spend time with you. Mr abby normal mr who normal that was that was from frankenstein frankenstein. Young.

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