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That's what he likes to do nine route down the field. And the fact he did have the didn't play a full season that contributed to obey. He's got to be more consistent catching the ball. And everybody knows that. And I think what I like to guys she noticed the guys that come in later than they should usually have a chip the guys that made me feel this respected. Maybe feel like a wakeup call and say, hey, I'm not as good as I think I am. I gotta prove something here. So I think any time you get players that had that type of approach or should I say a bus guess, what guys are they don't have that kind of approach in the NFL. Anyway. So how did you'll find out from these guys what what type of? Competitor. They are. And I love guys who wanna prove doubters wrong. And I think he would be one of those. So you mentioned the calls briefly Ballard seems to know what he's doing in this draft thing. He does he learned a lot from obviously, you go back to John Dorsey was with them Yellen. Great Gabriel was with him who you guys know, very grateful. Phenomenal. Scout does a great job. Now. With the pro football weekly breaks, the best in the business always has been in the he has speak highly of Chris Ballard. So you know, when you look at what they do in terms of again like I talked about rocky a sin could have been a first round pick. Ben Bana goo at forty nine Pat. Perez Campbell what his speed could have been a late one early to Bobbio Karekin with his great length going hired a third round. I thought I thought Gary Willis would've gone maybe second writing when the fourth. Marv L tell at a second third round grade. So I think every other a lot of their picks again and seven of their first eight were defense which was a bit of a surprise, but they big at the receiver Campbell. And they do have an extra second round pick in two thousand twenty by moving down those twenty spots with Washington. So. He worked at again, he set himself up with tutus for next year. And I think this is a team represents the AFC in the Super Bowl bears fans are open. It's the bears in the NFC. We have Super Bowl with the bears colts. I think at one time did we sure did. And it got off to a great start with Devin Hester took the kid. That. Grocer made sure it was bad. I'll lot of love for the colts on right? How about what the patriots? Did. It seems like most you guys were sort of very appreciative again of how kind of navigated this draft. And look for the first time in a long time. He went out and got a receiver in the first time you move up four spots to grab a partner you start questioning may man starting to go see now gone. He went out and said, okay, I need another weapon for my my agent quarterback here, and he went and he got a player I like very much from Arizona state. So hot the patriots. Do they did? Well, no tight end. And I think that's something where you look at. And there was some I think some options there that they passed on. But Joe one Williams and he likes that lengthen the cornerback spot press corner when I compared to Nick of remember new Purdue big ten guys can take rob went like the fifth round. When he came at Purdue end up with New England doing a great job, and when very similar the offense lineman, the dress, you might say, well, you know, there are a little ca just Justice little roll. We'll see you never questioned off until I'm in Wisconsin. The never questioned the New England Patriots offense Alamaty always developed in coached up Bailey's avail. I thought Bailey was the best on a draft. I know he wasn't the first punter which now ski was the forty Niners about love Bailey leg is consistency as well. You mentioned Harry, Harry's got talent that people talk about the ability of the receiver of the drafted in the first round the lengthy hadn't done in a long time says Kerry Glenn way back in the nineties, and then he added the Damian Harris who at one point back during the season. Look like he could be a first round pick who was expected to be a I know later in the second. And of course, Josh Jacob stole the show and Damian Harris becomes a three. And guess what? Guys. I gave an eight minus. This is going to be an a plus or a b depending upon Jarret stidham Jarrett's stood at the parents Tom Brady that jumps up from an a minus two one eight plus planning. And if he's not then they'd be it to say a BB plus of them in the fourth round is each IMI Garoppolo because he could be that type of quarterback. He was a number two dole threat quarterback coming out of high school behind Cuyler. We'll see how stem develops. The prognostications in the NFC north of the Green Bay Packers are going to be the one team that the bears are going to have to beat they'll be competing for the title up here. How did they do with their two first rounders in in the draft? They surprise me. No offense early again, I thought wide receiver replaced Cobb. Maybe they look at you know, Hollywood up around. Maybe they go with different direction, maybe offensive line for Sean Gerry whose an enigma. And and was the most polarizing player in the and darnold savage junior. Why like they've gone defensive back heavy in the in the last few dress. I was a little surprised no offense. They biggest starnberger and dying Jenkins a center tight end. But the offense again extra Williams was a good late round pick running back out of Notre Dame. But no offense early surprise me for the Packers. And like I said, I think the findings are a team that you don't want to forget about. I think this is a team could bounce back and have a good year. They addressed the offensive line. They address the tight end spot. They got a good pass catching running back and Alexander Madison a couple their late round pick should make the team. But I think everyone else wanted to guard. I think the bride burial. Step in the center. This could be a team that plays a lot better this year. They did last year where there was a lot of issues surrounding. I think that team a lot of things I think the prevented them from being the team people thought they would be. But this might be the Vikings flew up to all the hype from last year. He's Mel kiper ESPN on Twitter make sure to follow melts. Always a pleasure. Thank you guys. Take care. That's Mel kiper junior and enjoy vacation for crying out loud next month that guy works hard. It's carbon in Europe. Go on ESPN one thousand dudes for.

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