George Floyd, Biden, Npr News discussed on Morning Edition


Chances of it actually helping are so minuscule I'm Michael hill it's morning edition from NPR and WNYC President Biden has signed an executive order on policing two years after Minneapolis police officer murdered George Floyd We asked voters for their thoughts on Bill de Blasio's run for Congress and the small prohibition era venue 55 bar in the west village has closed It's Thursday May 26th the news is next Live from NPR news on corvo Coleman President Biden says he will travel to Texas in coming days to meet with families who have been affected by Tuesday's mass shooting in ivaldi Authorities say they have now identified all 19 children and two adults who were murdered in one classroom More than a thousand people attended a standing room only vigil in Yuval di last evening Texas public radio's Paul flav has more Masses of people float into you Valdez fairplex arena on the west side of town the crowd was so big that a quarter mile line of parked cars lined highway 90 after the parking lot filled Families came to pray and mourn together over the 19 dead children and two adults who were shot to death by what police say is the sole perpetrator himself now dead Benito pedraza was there the uvalde resident says he woke up today hoping it was a dream It's still not.

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