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Lungs when they set them out so two thousand thirteen during the world series i kept filling like tightness short of breath but not heart attack but like i couldn't get my air and understand it and then we went to the sec championship game i couldn't walk like twenty feet now i had to stop come back from that game had a willed off the airplane will down to security because it couldn't walk wife takes two the cardiologists on that tuesday seem at seven seven thirty i'm an icu at saint louis i've got significant blood clots in my lungs are like we're going to do that but me on blood thinners direct state on that for about till sixteen so three years and i was getting better factors getting worse in my wife finally said you need to get into the hearts gan i go get the hearts game in these people in panic like oh my god you need to call your doctor right now right now and i remember we're in norstroms and my phone rings you gotta call your doctor right now so we go see the doctor he goes you know it looks like you're not getting better but you know it might just be this or that life goes no we need to see another person so he gets me in touch with a doctor panjo the who's at mercy because they deal with what's called pulmonary hypertension which is what i was diagnosed with i go see him he sees numbers he's like freaking out specialist freak out now i'm freaking and it was so bad when i went to go see him that i couldn't walk from the car to the into the hospital it took me probably ten minutes because i also out of breath he says.

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