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I think in some ways if you look at the policies that they're pursuing and my focus predominantly wished on public health preparedness than I had plenty to do. I didn't need to get involved in other things I think if you look at the policies on value based payment, I think if you look at the policies, they're looking to take now and have taken on drug pricing. It's more than what people thought was going to occur. And in some ways, it's pretty consistent with health policy circles what we need to move at this point moving away from fee for service. You look at the secretaries top priorities looking to tackle the opioid epidemic with Admiral terrar- who's leading that in doing a great job. And hopefully, we'll be turning the corner on those things if you look at what is four priorities are I think they would be mainstream for anyone who's working at HHS, regardless of whether a democrat or Republican was controlling the agency at that point some things may be adjusted, but the big priorities on drug pricing value based payment reform opium. Or things that are pretty consistent mainstream. And I think when at the end of the day, the secretary will be viewed as one of the most consequential ones it really advancing the ball down the field in many different healthcare areas where we will see what the legacy is of this administration secretary as are in extra joss. And thank you Chris for coming in and taking questions on your run, which was not just the border issue. But also biodefense so much more. Thanks, chris. Thanks. That's it for post check this week. My thanks to Chris Megan's for making time for this interview. And producers Mikhail Rodriguez and Dave Shaw for making the show happen can find pulse. Check on all of your favorite podcast apps. You can find me at diamond of politico dot com, and you can find a new episode of pulse. Check in your podcast player. Very soon..

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