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It is has been seen throughout the Better Call Saul Universe as a nod to Kim Wexler and has a nod to his relationship with Kim. That was a reference to of her father's favorite movies a reference that is mentioned in better call Saul and it is something that when she and Jimmy run a scam on one of the marks that they meet the hotel. Maybe the Tequila bottle mark himself. They have the him make out the check to ice station zebra associated so the question is is there a through line not just in name only or not just in some kind of loving connection to Kim? But she's the one who brings up to low at the end of the scene. Have you never heard of shell companies? And you've never heard of the Cayman Islands. Considering the fact that she mentioned shell companies. We have the shell company that is named in reference to her and as a thing that she is that she is connected to and considering how she calls. Lolo fully out on the carpet there. I don't think by the way that anything she said. Other than the fact that's all good man doesn't lie. I don't think anything she said was untoward or undeserving. A Philip loud. There's a possibility Lila walks away from that conversation. Saying you know Goodman's fine. He's good at what he does but she's she wears the pants in this relationship. Yeah I just had never really considered that as a possibility. That could be what he's walking away from it with. I I get the sense that a lot of people literally la literally dodged a bullet. Maybe Jimmy Kim did as well by Kim doing what she does and getting out of the room I think Lilo leaves and Jimmy and Kim are not really thought to him anymore. I'm sure that he will reverberate in their brains for a good deal longer. Yes and I am. I am you know. I would not be surprised if they've remained factors in his thought making his decision making but I I don't think that they are the most pressing thing like when he says to Nacho going back to Mexico. But they're not going back to two where they just were going somewhere else that. I think he's got something else in mind. He knows that. Like something fishy is going nine. And he wants to regroup whether or not. That's because he specifically wants to like dig into Jimmy and Kim more. That just doesn't feel right to me as far as his next step. It doesn't to me either. It just what made that enter into my head? A little bit was wondering like how in response to what he just experienced in that room. How does he know to change his plan? And what does he change it to? And of course part of my thinking in that regard is does he change it to something? That is terrible for the people that we care about for Jimmy and Kim like does. His pivot here means that those two are going to be even more endangered than they. Just were like. He walks out of that room and saying she's trouble like she has her head on straight and he's traveled because he's weak but he's good enough to lie to me and he's dogged enough to drag seven million across the desert and by the way there were bullet holes and I know neither see nor hear what pulled him out of that desert with those bullet holes so he's working with someone else and if he's working with someone else and I can't trust him either like I have to watch my back and they're part of what I have to watch and that so that's the biggest concern but my secondary concern or my secondary wonder is like maybe he walks out of their thinking. Man She just read me straight to fill like she knows like all the worst things about me and she called me outright on the carpet and she had the guts to do it. That's the kind of person I need on my side. These are my lawyers. This is my legal team. Beathy reaction that people get from. That's like tends to be the reaction to Kim. Yes like when Kim Wexler Spradlin? Yeah but like when Kim Kim dresses people down like often like either like you know. They're shaking in their boots afterwards. They're like impressed and they want more of that right so you can. You can see that beam take a lot to get lallo shaking in his boots great boots so they may be but I think for him to be impressed by her Yeah I could see him walking away from that interaction like I like her. Yeah already sort of was right. Even though I think he had the upper hand against her win she came to the jail to try to get the information from him and they have that great shot of course of him standing behind her slightly out of focus while he stretching out looking like a serial killer. I mean literally like some Hannibal Lecter. Shit like looming over her shoulder and the look on racy. Horns face just petrified She really played that well like okay. She was ready to come in here and she bucked up and got her self prepared to have this conversation with this killer but she was scared by the end of it but this time she says let's face it. Everybody knows you killed that guy like she is not intimidated in that moment at all. Jimmy is stammering and he's about to give up the shop and she is ready to step up and shut it down and provides I think in the moment very quickly a very plausible explanation by the way Kim able to sweep that up almost instantaneously. Mike. Victor no-one on that end was able to sweep it up without an instant like they had time to clear that car away in the didn't like that's a major fumble isn't it. Yeah for sure for sure unless it's like how did they get back there? Did they not know exactly where that was anymore? Like the reason why Mike was able to track that before was because he was literally tracking Jimmy. They don't have that anymore. They don't have the ability to go back to that exact spot you know. It was on the road so because it was on the road. I feel like that's how lawler was able to track but the risk of like having somebody who going around there bullet he did have the flat flat flat.

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