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So i decided i need something else and the only other thing that i thought of is that i waited for whatever reason a guilty pleasure of mine was argued. The one and ex on the beach ecstatic are both banks. Uk dating shows that are trash. Yeah those things are seditious like they are just horrible to these people and the scenarios that they put them in right tema. Both of those shows that got chopped. I think from it. I don't think that they're in production anymore. But there's love island on cbs and espn. Max called f boy island. And have you seen too hot to handle. I forgot about that run. There's so many likes nother. why they're simon waterlogged. Everybody is sexy riady shows. There are so many all my god. I forgot about that. Okay so listen. I have been doing love. Islands like i'd been jumping back and forth love island in and try to see which one i'm gonna commit to to realize media yesterday that love island. At least the third season of news twenty eight episodes. So it's crazy to me. I'm used to them being like ten to twelve exactly. Dan love island to me. Seems like real drama with people that like actually wanna day. I haven't looked at too hot. Add too hot to handle but anyway the focus of my read is really not white privilege is getting to have a show called f boy island completely stamp all over samore sheep at niggers have been saying for decades and decades and decades and just just colonels in the corn brady just green bean casserole like i knew that s boy island was going to be insufferable literally within the first fifteen seconds of it because i got them saying f boy instead of fuck boy and i got within the first fifteen seconds the word deuce bagger used white woman named nikki glaser. It was within the first teen seconds of the program that i knew this was white. People whiting white withing this and it was going to be a problem and it is just as campy and ridiculous. First of all what blows my mind is about. Fyi island is like if y'all are going to take things use them nigger. This is an hbo. Max original you can cost say fuck boy say somewhat vague say f boy the whole way through. They never say never but they do say so. I'm sensor girl. So that was the fucking. What are we talking doing. You take all of our things and put cornflakes saint in. Why must y'all take all of our god ram and pumpkin spice raising. I'm telling there's no reason. Just say boy. Like what i threes and it is somebody putting pumpkin spice in your fucking tuna salad. Chicken salad potato salad. It's probably been done. Probably as white people have no limits. We're getting at least three emails tomorrow. Like yes at the potluck. My job i was the one myself. She said at a little pumpkin spice and i did it. I did. i put pumpkin spice in the mac and cheese. It's like if the show was called and marketed as f- islands but they fuck boy damage own thing. Yeah it would be one thing but it's just like how many more times do i have to watch. I'll take things that have been saying. Since i was a baby and act like it's kids bob. Leave me a lone. Yeah s. real but either way everybody on these shows is fine..

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