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Bounds. Louise trying to run it down for market. He just ran out of real estate. By the time he was able to try to throw it off a musketeer e already a gym shoe across the baseline out about it was such a bad, Ms Jo. It was thought I was going to run I thought was gonna be an air ball, but it just kind of glanced the rim. Acted like it was going to go out of bounds and Good Hustle by Kiki Tandy there for 14 23 to play first have two point lead for Marquette 10 date. Griffin with the basketball top of the key dribbles of the left point. Hands it off Kiki Tandy to the free throw line. Back after Kunkle. He penetrates inside the top of the shot clock in 11 for the Musketeers, left side of the floor drive to the baseline by Stanley turns and throws up a hairball from 10 Ft. Away, faded away on the baseline. It was Over the rib and feel that on the opposite side of the hoop. Point lead Marquette with the basketball working against the man to Man defense, Uncle box of pass out of there, but it's recovered by make you and from Marquette kicked outside the Garcia thinking about a three. Now he launches the three in and out. No good. Long three by the 6 FT. 11 McDonald's All American Tandy. Top of the key turns the corner drives the left side of the lane. Hang Shoot, speeds it inside instead. Black Griffin take the shot dumped it off the last minute. Brian Griffin, and he ties it a 10 with a thunderous dunk shot off the left block with the right hand. He dunked that right Garcia's face that was nasty. What side of the floor part with it in the Louis underneath and a reverse lay up is good bye cane and that'll break the tie 12 to 10 Marquette with a two point lead 13 03 to play in the first half. And he lowers the dribble after Brian Griffin beyond the three point line, Hands it off to Tandy. Griffin stays around to set a screen back out to Stanley Dribbles. One time to Concho company brings it towards the top of the key back to Stanley spends the lane loses it great games, and we have a traveling call on Stanley. He started into a spin dryer. When he tried to come back towards the free throw line. The second defender arrive, surprised if he lost his balance. It all started on the catch Joe. He didn't catch it cleanly and as a result, fumble in the basketball that allowed the defense toe converge on him and Cause the turnover. That's the third turnover for Xavier Xavier, Setting up a 2 to 1. Full court pressure now broken easily by cart into the corner wide open. Three is on the way and it is good that was made by Elliot. Was just camping out in the right corner, waiting for the press to be broken. Nicely done by Mark and a five point lead for the Golden Eagles over the Musketeers, 15 to 10 12 31 to play in the first half. Kiki Tandy, top of the key turns the corner takes it to the right elbow kicks it back outside the Kunkle Get CJ will trip Hmm. Can be working on the right side to Stanley. Just trying to post up in shot gets the ball turns and shoots and it is no good that was heavy off the iron CJ Wiltshire called for a foul trying to break his wing in from of the perimeter down left. Side of the lane is pumped into a market player who picked up a foul. It'll be the third team found Two Musketeers. Later, bringing back in free mail and Carter into the ball game. Along with Paul Scrubs, Kunkel and C. J. Wilson around out the five of the four for the Musketeers, 12 11 to go our camp with the ball in a five point lead. 15 tens of scores I posed to lose back out from human to dribble. Live high on the right point, bounces it across the top of the key to Louis to the wing now. Cart back to Luis Bluffs of three drives it in the lane gets to the rim lays it in for to show the ball above his head. Hit the defender. Stand up just a little bit, was able to blow by and get into the paint for an easy layup. 17 to 10 largest lead to the ball game for either team market holds the lead right now over the Musketeers. 11 39 to play Fremantle three pointer on the way Top of the key. No good rebound taking right with Lane by Lewis. Heart brings it across the timeline, switching hands of a durable change in speech. Now he backs it up. He is very, very good at changing speeds as into the paint off the hands of Theo John could help thereby CD Welcher. Deal. John Had Paul Scruggs posted up inside CJ came over and knocked the ball away. So Zabrze will have it when we come back 11 24 to go in the first half 17 10 Marquette with lead over the Musketeers, And this is Xavier basketball from Wakefield. I am Jay College. 700 wlw. Huge ice cold bud light bud lights up to here. Even though you can't go to the game doesn't mean the game can be brought to you. Now. Here, just go to bud. Light dot com slash delivery. That's Bud.

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