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By night frenzy by night, and San Francisco's North Beach, is now open for dining family owned and operated for Enzo by night, is a proud staple of the North Beach dining. Same call for reservations. It's for 1539 to 85 85. That's 415. 39 to 85 85, the first Bay Area school to be named after former first lady Michelle Obama held its virtual grand opening in Richmond today. The school formerly named Woodrow Wilson Elementary, underwent a two year $36 Million rebuild West Contra Costa Union School. District Superintendent Matthew Duffy says the new facility is designed to remove learning barriers and encourage collaboration. Sit, stand lean, Draw. Explore teachers, Khun close up all the doors and being very traditional spaces with their 30 students. They can open it up. They can teach 100 kids at a time that can move 10 over here. 90 over there. There's so much that can be done in this facility. Leaders say Michelle Obama is more inspirational than former President Wilson to today's youngsters in Richmond, where three out of four students are Latino or African American. Cal State East Bay, getting a new president more from kgs Brett Burkhardt. She is Oakland native Cathy San Dean, currently the chancellor of the University of Alaska, Anchorage Sand. Dean has a long history in Bay Area academics. She has also been a member of the faculty at Santa Clara University, San Jose State, Stanford University and San Francisco State University. She assumes her new role on January 4th at Cal State E spay Brett Burkhardt. San Francisco's Legion of Honor Museum announcing it is reopening this week. It's been closed for seven months because of the pandemic. The museum is open today of four members, then on Friday will open to the general public. As per city guidelines, though visitors at the museum will be required to wear face coverings and indoor capacity will be limited as well. This report, sponsored by indeed dot com Find the high impact hire your business needs fast on indeed,.

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