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This is just obviously a chief multimedia editor here at scientific American. And this is to look at Bose, senior multimedia editor. Do you remember the year 2006? Sure, Jeff. A lot happened. The existence of dark matter was confirmed. The missing link between fish and stuffed with four eggs fossil of a creature called tiktaalik was found. Twitter launched, but Pluto also lost its planetary status. And we also lost crocodile venture Steve Irwin. A moment of silence. Yeah. And everyone believed that drinking wine would help you live longer. Do you remember? Yeah, and everyone also believed that our newly launched podcast, 62nd science would stay 60s seconds. But over those 15 plus years and thousands of episodes of our beloved science podcast later. It became very clear that 62nd science. It wasn't actually going to stay 60 seconds. And of those 3000 plus episodes, how many of them were actually 60 seconds? You know, I'm not sure, but I think we started to slide in the mid 2010s. Yeah, that's the number one piece of feedback I get from everyone who listens to the show and loves it. Her show is in 60 seconds. It's a lie. Including someone who's going to write for us listen to it on their school bus. Wow. Well, in their honor, we're not going to live the lie anymore. No more, no more. So because of that, we're going to be correcting this serial error in a big way. It's a new era and scientific American podcast history. Einstein might have written for us back in the 1950s, but you don't have to be an Einstein to listen to this podcast. It's a science pod for everyone. We'll be expanding our hosts our coverage and most importantly, the spacetime continuum of the podcast. Here's a little taste of the stories from their new hosts. We have coming. Hi, I'm Hamilton Morris, and I'll be talking about chemistry, pharmacology, and new research on psychoactive drugs for scientific Americans, science quickly. Hey, this is shayla love, and I'm going to take you inside the brain in love. This is Christopher and Tatiana, and I'm searching for the pools of life. I'm Allison partial, and I'm going to be taking you to a world where AI makes music. This is Jacob job and together we'll explore bird conservation via nocturnal migration. This is Kelso Harper and I'll be exploring the queerness of nature. This is Jason drakeford, and together, we'll track down the sounds of outer space. This is Meghan McDonough, and I'll be exploring the science of pleasure. My name is Shannon Leo and I'll be covering the science of video games that everything you might want to know about that. This is Tanya Lewis and Josh fishman and will be back with your health quickly. House news you can use on COVID. But now also on stuff beyond the pandemic. Medicine, neuroscience, nutrition, exercise, and a whole lot more. This sounds fascinating. And not one of these podcasts is 60 seconds. Oh, thank God. But we're still going to respect your time. Fascinating and fast. You might even say science quickly. You know what? That's great. Let's go with that. So join us. For science quickly coming to this podcast feed, this brand new refreshed podcast feed. Yes, indeed. Monday, February 13th. I prefer Tuesday, heartbreak. I know. But Monday it is, I'm not superstitious, I swear. See you all then..

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