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The Green Vollers Game Blair confusing the ridler. Hey they're Ralph Garman here. I hope you're enjoying the show. And if you are why not subscribe to the Ralph reports a you can hear it every day Monday through Friday for just fifteen cents a day you can be a one star general supporter and that will get you the show in your ear holes. Monday through Friday of course are two three and four star general levels as well which gets you more bonus content more access to me. So if you like what you're hearing why not subscribe go to Patriotdepot dot com slash the Ralph report. That's P. A. T. R. E. N. dot com slash. The report subscribed today. So you don't miss a thing right now. It's time for us to take a look in the rear view mirror. What happened on March? Eighteenth this day in history to solve another mystery like just a day the day some good invented the tyrant. King married his sister Queen. Who knows everyday seems to be an anniversary. The army's rubbing rouse lamps wishes. Please tell us what we do on this day. On This Day in sixteen sixty to the very first public bus service began happened in the city of Paris. All every want get on the bus. Can you imagine the smell? Nope off in Paris. Helping the smoke was on that in the summertime. Sixteen sixty two all. Just just be. Oh and cigarettes. Oh Gao you'd guy can't even imagine and Fromm MILEAGE and Old Berets Toilet Water. Toilet waters well on this day in eighteen eighteen the. Us Congress approved the first. Pensions for government. Service I'll sure they did taking care of themselves for you as always that Congress eighteen thirty four the very first railroad tunnel in the United States was completed must have been pretty ballsy to dig out that first railroad tunnel in eighteen thirty hour. You're digging away through mountain just hoping that it stays up may hall about amount sale that works thousand collapse on me that happened in Pennsylvania by the way that it nowhere particularly no just the good wasn't figure location in eighteen thirty four six farm laborers endorse at England were sentenced to be transported to Australia because they dared to form a union. God so they put him on the six guys. Wow and they said nope and they sent them to the penal colony of Australia. Wow that is. That's that's Whitey. Trying to keep his shows you unions or a good thing Necessary in eighteen fifty two guys named Henry Wells and William Fargo got together and they formed a little company called the American Express in Buffalo New York. Eighteen seventy eight. The city of Anaheim California was incorporated for the second time. I didn't quite take. They had to do it against weird very strange eighteen. Eighty one barnum and Bailey circus traveling as the greatest show on earth debuted at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The barnum and Bailey Circus would last for a hundred and forty six years before it finally closed in twenty seventeen. Wow that's quite a run at is on this day in eighteen. Eighty two Morgan. Herb was minding his own business. Plans and billiards there in Tombstone Arizona. And the next thing you know. He was gunned down through a window by some cowardly curve named the cowboys. Huge stake on their partnership. Because they're brother. Wyatt didn't cotton and that sort of behaviour at all and things went very south for those guys jolly other charge the live comments Jonah House. How's Jonah Movie? I think it's the greatest modern Western. They'll have you been attempt on. Yes so cool. It's so cool. So cool your your cage. You can literally go to the O. K. Corral and go back where that famous gunfight took place and let me tell you something it's about the size of the bat cave here. It's it looks like they were on top Woah part. Myth they were on top of each other is not a lot of room in that corral. Yeah Yeah it's it's cradling and the birdcage theaters very cool very cool. Yeah Eighteen Ninety on this day German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck Otto von Bismarck resigned after nine hundred nine years after a disagreement with the German amphora. Whose name was very Hallam. The second to scream. We'll go to second to to help will help will help for helmet in nineteen. Oh Two Italian. Operatic tenor or operatic tenor operatic. You'd who operate on Italian operatic tenor enrico saw. The Great Caruso was one of the great opera singers of the early part of the nineteen hundred seven Palazzo and is really Enrico Palazzo House. Enrico Caruso became the first well known performer to make a phonograph record. No one was making records. Amelie to he was the first guy to make erectile man he was thinking ahead. He was copies of that record. Still exists to this day. They're not in great shape as you can imagine as you will also hear here is Enrico Caruso singing opera in the very first record from a well known performer from Nineteen. O Two.

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