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Games shooting forty eight percent from three they have been blistering the nets all right night session downing houston and san diego state michigan in montana i think that houston san diego state game that might be one of the more underrated games in this entire first round i love the fact that you find you have an old school coaching kelvin sampson who plays old school basketball gritty he will fight you his team will grind you down they have a guy who ause a lot of attention in robbery not just because of his locks any beauty salon would love to have him in their chairs but he is tough not the best year on the team rob gray but he probably is the one that draws the most attention i think it's going to be a knockdown drag i'll game between houston san diego state then last saw michigan montana michigan never turns the ball over montana likes to turn people over that should be interesting i just the only person i have for michigan is that they get a little bit three point happy if they're not knocking down threes if rochman is not making shots there could be some trouble for michigan but beeline he's been here before he's done it before with multiple teams again a great guy that gets you prepared that's the three fourteen game in the nightcap should be fun day here in wichita right now let's head back to jason horowitz in the westwood one broadcast center all right guys thank you very much back with jon crispin as well john you know so often with picks the eight nine game gets overlooked because it is a toss is brandon called it but it becomes so important when thinking about the roy road to the final four because that is so often where you get to knock off the one whoever comes out of their nc state seton hall pirates have three guys who've combined for almost five thousand career points i think that's what makes them so dangerous their experience so there's a sense of urgency there but i think desi rodriguez is the guy who can just score against anybody and when you have an experienced team that plays in a power conference that is incredibly competitive but also physical i think that's what gives them an edge the ncaa tournament historically is.

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