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Roughly is charged every month for thirty nine months. That's to affirm. And then the fifty bucks. Give us a call. That's the basic business model. They have to flows of income exception of one additional which is their their ability to sell swag and nobody sells so. I'd like they do in a harbor first business. And this is what moving forward i think is going to be the most interesting intangible for them outside of their founder. I think that this ability to sell clothing in be in a move into that market which have massive margins. If you have that grand we. Don't we've been talking over two years. How important is having audience. You can sell anything to an audience. You can identify with something. That's something that you can sell massive margins right. So that's the basic way for in which they have revenue coming into business. They have two different levels software. That got their fifty dollars off for thirteen dollars. Software explains his there. Will they have one. In which you can download on your ipad as a straddle user. So i can be available in person for. I think sixteen bucks in canada. I would do that. Why don't all i. i can't figure out why do either. I mean it would be like something that you would slowly shift your way in. Apparently of their i would call. They're smaller third lower level after twenty percent conversion rate to people into the connected fitness which is actually connected our hardware from palestine. So we'll have these two different offerings in software. And the thing that i find to be the most intriguing here is the massive margins that they make inside of this content cost is nothing you look at a local spin studio that requires two hundred members at two hundred bucks a month in the profitable. Think about it this way. Those places have eight instructors project golf. They probably got six or seven the project and he's gotta pay. Those guys followed fifty sixty bucks a session and then you have your membership for two hundred bucks of the month. If you think about it this way hell on has orients truckers and think about how many users they have millions so is it millions or is it million once again so on his four point four million members paying members. Wow that's just the scale level. There is incredible and that is from a customer. Acquisition costs perspective from a unit economics perspective. They don't even terrible how.

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