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In exile up and it has been market leader we do know even chris talking about over the last eight years yield curve hasn't necessarily mattered we've had other guests tony dwyer talked about the fact even when the yield kurt and burt you still get eighteen months or so of positive returns so i think if any place i wanted to jump in it would be financial i think the the yield curve i obviously matters it's important but i think the variable of cost cutting the variable of deregulation if he will especially if these regional banks is super important to keep in mind so the the cost cutting structures for these guys the balance sheet freeing up from you know really constricting levels from before is a win win for them and i look at that and say that detail when my thanks and some of these larger names i totally agree with chris if you correlate twos tenths spread to back prices and you go back to two thousand six and seven and before the crisis these banks were on a flatter yield curve we're making a ton of money they're geared toward library there the low end of the curve so on that as i mentioned in the show i think that the downward sloping fifty day is not a disaster it just means that i think we've been in this longer its defining the trenton it's harder to certainly break higher i think it means it ensures you at this a little bit longer before you start to turn around all right still ahead does all this volatility have your head spinning we'll don't panic because guy he's got three simple steps to trading a wild market you will break down if you break that down later on this show twitter tanking today entering a bear market after short seller andrew left slammed the social media giant will hear the comments that sent that stock reeling much more fast money right after that.

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