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On down security dodge Chrysler Jeep and ram in Amityville. Chris Kreider is second goal men's zuccarello is fourth and four games. Henrik Lundqvist reaching yet another milestone during a fourth ranger win for the Blackhawks at the garden. One question. Terry Sawchuk for six in all time goaltender wins with four forty five his club now leading to straight and free of four after that five game skid gonna be a lot of moments throughout the year. Were you gonna learn? And. Especially when you have a lot of young guys. You know, they have to go through it. Sometimes it's not enough to talk about things you have to experience it. Yeah. That for them as g meanwhile, Anders Lee scores a seventeenth and eighteenth Jordan Everley a power play goal. And Michael Dell coal is I in the NHL all feeling a four one win of the devils on the island aisles winning three straight thirteen of sixteen as leeann company, visit Washington tomorrow can't put us in shape and attention to detail on the second night. And we knew what tomorrow had but we had to take care of business tonight. I have that here on the fan goalie, Robin Leonard when he gets ten his last eleven games, ducks the wild three zip jet. Stop the predators. Five one Maple Leafs a four to what a Tampa. And the Bruins a five two win over the blues this close to ending their four game skid. Knicks lose to the wizards one zero one one hundred in London after William nineteen point lead, a seesaw battle the last few minutes that Alonzo tree or gold. Tens on Thomas Bryant's deciding runner with under a second left. Lt. The first half, Bradley Beal finishes with twenty-six manual moody continues to immerse scoring twenty five in the watts nuggets. Beat up on the bulls won thirty five one five raptors escape the sons one eleven one zero nine of the Sixers rolled Indiana one hundred ninety six a man some thought at one point the Mets might target free agents setup. Man righty atom out of beano reportedly getting a three year twenty seven million dollar deal. Instead from the Yankees that they can they're all djing bullpen, even more formidable college hoops Hofstra. With yet. Another win eighty seven seventy two UNC Wilmington fried bull away second half their thirteen th straight win astronauts sixteen or three six and the colonial Monmouth woods at Fairfield, seventy four fifty seven Manhattan. Fifty eight fifty six win at Saint also Roger Federer earlier with a third round win advancing at the ustralian..

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