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Here for you. Because he shows his material at everything. And it's just really incredible. No this guy is capable of no matter. What he's in whether he's a cowboy whether he's fighting thugs in that one action or that action movie series was a that equaliser the and seeing him as a as a deputy. Sheriff i y que you might. He can command the he can command the room. Just as you just a great actor all around. So i was looking forward to him doing cop business. You know in a time where black people in cops. They don't have the best relationship to see a black police officer at some level of young kick by and be able to take down the evil white guy. Or the while the yeah. You're play reversals. On that no but just to see the see that I'm not saying it's like a year. We should so the nightside or cops. No i mean cutler. The police the police system is corrupt. As heck and broken. It needs a huge overhaul. But i mean there are cops in the air their cops out there. That aren't like trying to I'm not saying. Oh i'm white so i don't get i'm seen like cops out there. That are nice to black people. And i think it's important to show that site as well banana to be like see. There's nothing wrong capstone at This whole thing is about them doing their jobs and and try to take this crackdown. Who is dear. Little suspected to be the murderer of this case that they're gone for. I like okay. I like to see how this murder case goes through. Well i law what do you. What are you guys. Think about this. I mean like you said denzel. Washington is one of our best actors still working today. He's one of our few movies. Stars still left today and no matter. What the movie is you're right even at the movies not completely good you are invested in him. You're invested in his performance but nine times out of ten. He'd sells me on a movie even at the movies. Not that great like he elevates the. He's one of those actors to me. He elevates the material just by him being in it and he's played a similar types of roles before. But i'm picking up what he's selling i am. I am into what dinsdale's doing here and rami malik. Yeah he's a talented actor too and man. Detective role is perfect for him with his face. Because you know. Romney valid always looks like he's so sleepy. This is a good night's rest so playing a detective is kind of an interesting role for him just for that. And yeah i think jared leto is a decently enough talented actor. I think that he takes this. Method approach a little too much and he doesn't need to do it and it just makes them come off as a little bit of a jack asked people because of the antics. He's done interesting. I heard that he did not pull any of this during the filming of this movie and i asked in zell about it and denzel said if he had we would have had some words. I don't know what that means but it means dunzo would probably kick his back. Because that's the thing does a lot of denzel washington commanded screen. Because when denso's talking you wanna listen to or else if you don't he will come up then you which does even shown in this film to..

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