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This comeback. You know, because he's buddy mcgirt. But it's all right L our rest to step aside money like eight times, you know, what I'm saying. That's all I'm saying. You better be right now. His. Biko Vlad like three times amateurs within. They he got them off. On his ass. Luma Ching-Kuo one hundred percent most Mike Garcia but questions if they can make one thirty five we also have Michael hundred metro like Ness alluded to maybe possibly have a rematch. I'm I'm kind of proud of a hundred on the road really show people that he can may be particularly can compete with some of the guys at heavyweight. So we'll see where where Caribbean from here. He signed a metro himself quick. I'm rob singleton in chases hot rod will be better beef. I'm actually going to put money on that how Brown drop Marcus Brown. And better be got a suspect chin, you know, what I'm saying. So. Speaking of money Mme money Sam. But maybe. I tell you go sit on a million dollars could give. And they come up with figures brother might consider coming back to boxing. I mean, if I'm dissolving I just give them the hunt in offer more fights one hundred. You know, like they was already offering a more sixty forty report. I don't want to maybe on them, whatever they say, it was forty sixty foot. What two three five so just give them five six five. Now. You know, say y'all listen, it don't matter after he lose to awhile door AJ, again, they use for sick and hunter they Ehrich Zora Dillion white, you know, Joseph Parker like they use them Philip Hargrove Agha's over there. They could use them. Like, you ain't losing your money by keeping Vlad in the business. But the hundred million that's pretty price OT KP and a chest who's going to sign to subscribe to dissolve Vlad laugh out loud. Right match. Oh, man. Rematch. Deal white versus bland bam's big baby. Vladimir 'cause go, that's Tyson might my thought breath. The only thing it's Vlad loses like one or twice in the beginning of his. That's the thing. You put them in. You can do you can do Derek Zora tube flats comeback fight. That's here. Harry. But it's already a fight it happen, right? Peter's repeaters. I fight ten years later like like yours. Ten years ago, man. Fuck. In his own. If you bring back Vlad you add in, you know, some cash, bro. To somebody's other dues use it. Let's open these phone lines. We got Americana. Looks ready for the showdown here. Like me. Shredded both in Denver Shay. Pictures of Khan, looking good like remember when he was fighting Cannella, it just came up as my Facebook memory to I even reposted because it was a side by side of him as a forty seven him as a sixty. And it was like God damn they I mean people were saying it was Photoshop, but his arms was looking crazy. So like always looks good in fighters. Always looks good Mikey moved up. He went to snack. He fully posed in twelve dozen pictures, and we thought he looked good at doesn't mean you go fight. Good for. Stories. Shannon bridge. David. Hey, he won't they go channel Cannella only ones reported on. Can I can't? Mother. And only if he had built Jeff warm says no to Rayo Marotta at date switch and one that I know everybody's skim into that. I know I'm not because I say the best relax 'cause I I know you want to talk about. Wow. Okay. Go here. I'm sorry. Get the fucking report ING to caller. But if you're going to go off every fucking little bullet point, if I put it on the mother fucking, I'm gonna talk about it. I I. Going to touch on every bullet point that we have to say something on it too. I'm trying to be more proactive to call the fast north. Sorry. Turn down. If I were Marotta Toyota Corolla, do the Brian rob Brant B shut out the rob brand..

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