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Like, ah. Chip Kelly, where we can hire chip Kelly. Remember him? UCLA maybe we can poach it from UCLA and that didn't work either. I truly believe that Oregon is a lot closer to being nationally irrelevant than they realize. I mean, there'll be a good PAC 12 school to win some games and that's great. They're farther from a championship now than they were before Mario Cristobal left. And that's what I'm saying, right? I'm not trying to hate on them, but this is a step backward for them. It's a big step backward for Oregon. And Dan landing will probably do well he'll probably win some games and that's fine. But orient is no longer or anywhere near being a top dog in college football. I thought they were on the cusp of that. They beat Ohio State that Mario Cristobal and they decided to let Mario Cristobal leave. I don't know why you would do that. But the result of that is if you're gonna let Mario Cristobal leave, you better upgrade with their head coach. They didn't upgrade. So now it's a step backward and I want to acknowledge that nothing against Dan landing nothing against Oregon, but it's sad that we saw a program who was I thought really close to becoming a top dog in college football and then they fumbled the ball. So that's how I feel about Oregon and the new head football coach. Spencer Rattler, former Oklahoma quarterback really talented, I got a crazy big arm. He is an NFL level talent. He's got to make good decisions. He's got to keep his head on straight, but as far as like ability to throw the football, he is a fantastic quarterback. He has announced that he is transferring to South Carolina. He's pairing up with head coach Shane beamer down there. Down there over there, whatever. I'm in Hawaii, what is geographically in relation? It's unexpected to me. But it's a solid set. I'm like, oh, I did not see South Carolina coming, but that makes a lot of actually sense. It's like, that's kind of cool. He's going to play against the best teams in the SEC. And here's what I thought was crazy about this is that think about all the talent that is pooling up in the SEC. It's unbelievable. Coaches, players, and this, getting a really good quarterback to South Carolina, Spencer Rattler, it makes the SEC even better. It's amazing football. I'm excited to watch it. I've become a as I step back and just enjoy football. I'm like, where is the best football happening in college football? I think the Michigan Ohio State rivalry is pretty fun. But the SEC, if you want to watch great football and NFL players, great quarterbacks, great coaching, fun rivalry, tradition, loud crowds, people that care like the SEC is the place to be. I'm sorry. I'm from the northwest and that in the northwest state, they always hate it. Oh, the SEC is bad. No, it's not, man. It's amazing football. It's great. And this is another example of why the SEC is great and getting better. And once the SEC started getting good quarterbacks, it's been hard to even compete with them. It's really cool to see. And one thing that's interesting, a lot of people were talking about how maybe spent some riders gonna go to USC to play for Lincoln Riley. I'm like, why would he go to play for the coach who chose to bench him? That never made sense to me. But he actually ironically chose the other USC instead of Southern California. He chose university of South Carolina, which is kind of fun interesting. I bet he feels it's like, that's kind of a cool little dig at Lincoln Riley..

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