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Are you kidding me? Frank. He's come on, let's go straight in their hands. So their Hash Mi Jimmy, like sitting there going, no, we're not going over there. Is that what they're in their office now? We can go catch him now. Like charging out the door to go into their office and explained like in no uncertain terms with the bat? Yes. He's pointing his finger at him. There stripper glitter on it fans finger mel's. Weird Scotus wristband says he's over twenty one and can go into the champagne room and me and Jimmy like, no, no one got away with it. We're not going back in there. Now I'm not going to demand, but always certain Britta cat, but we're jealous right. Thing, my God. Well, so, okay. Remember I showed you that Lindsay Lohan video yesterday or the other day. She's following the Syrian refugee family. She's yelling things at them in Arabic. She tries to take one of the kids because she thinks they're being human traffic in very weird action going. So we're friends say they're concerned about her mental health and are urging her to come home. The rising concerns came after that video, and then the woman responded by punching low hand in the face after she'd been following them according to TMZ, her friends are very worried about her and are trying to get her to come back to the US Lowen spent the last few years living in the Middle East and Europe. She shooting a reality show at her beach club in Mykonos Greece. This video was from Russia. So it's very, where in the world is Lindsay Lohan and they'd like her to come back and get some help chain curtain didn't like feel the rancher. I don't know. A rivalry with the three amigos. They were the three women. Understanding early cast is to this day, no one super close, like professional, but like it's like the siblings you lived with through long. You know what What I mean? I mean? They were family while they were there and everyone just sort of drifted. I don't know. Thing, but I, I would be surprised if any two people from that era were super close. I doubt very much Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase or talking frequently. These days could be wrong, but I doubt it also. Yeah, I don't know. This is an interview that she did like three years ago. I loved Gilda Radner. Rain and I would we shared a dressing room the, I hear this show, and I mean every day I'm here happy and then I thought, well, I don't really know these people and I don't really know what to talk about. So. Remember when you dishes and and if she said that was three weeks ago, she's, why do you wanna reminisce. Oh, just didn't have anything to say. And she said, well, we can talk about other things so she would lead the conversation. She was just she was really amazing. She had so much to put out there and watching her work. I'm a new Englander. I don't put everything out there but watching guild and watching the effect she had on audiences and watching the effect that she had on everybody in the room. Not many people have that gift. I don't know watching it through the eyes of being on anything that no, she was very complementary but not about their actual relationship. I look, I, who knows? I just, I'm I'm confused by people who don't sit down with someone to talk about someone who's past who they had this intimate sort of environment relationship with, and it's it's to me, it's kinda disrespectful to the person that past like, I wouldn't. You know if I died and then someone ask Jimmy, hey, could you sit down talk about Adam? And he said, now, pass on it. I I would feel like that would be really disrespectful and kind of to my kids, and he would never do that. But what I'm saying is like it would be a little slap in the face to the wife, the kids max patta, whoever survive me. I forgot to ask about this in addition to Bill Murray Jan curtain. It was odd to me that Steve Martin wasn't a part of it because I know that he was very fond of guilty..

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