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I'm Sean Delaney and you're listening to what got you there what guide you there is a must follow for entrepreneurs creatives High Achievers and change-makers each week. I sit down with some of the world's most influential people and focus on the journey behind their success. We uncover the strategy tactics and routines that help them get there. Now, it's your journey. So it's time to learn what's going to get you there. What got to bear with Sean Delaney off. What got you there with Sean Delaney what got you there with Sean Delaney? What got your dad with the most she can go fast and then very occasionally you want to slow down and really take your time, but mostly you can be going fast. I think that part of the problem is that we kind of revert like a lot of the decisions that you could be going like super fast on we're going really slow on and then a lot of the decisions that you should be stepping back and like taking your time with to kind of work through them because they are going to be high impact. People are just going home. Got and so it's like they've sort of flipped the script in a weird way and they're actually allocating their time almost opposite to the way that it would make sense to allocate.

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