Africa, Hurricane Dorian, Chairman discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Corner said Boulevard at Tyson's just off Leesburg pike near the Walmart supercenter and the twenty four fitness am. cutting through the clutter to bring the people and stories that matter to you you're listening to America's first news this morning with Gordon. thanks for spending time with us walking into Friday Robert Mugabe the former leader of Zimbabwe who was forced to resign in late twenty seventeen during a bloodless coup has died more from this morning's Mike Gavin the Wall Street journal describes Mr Mugabe as a school teacher turned guerrilla fighter who helped topple white colonial rule in Zimbabwe only to leave the country to the brink of economic ruin he took power after white minority rule ended in nineteen eighty he would blame Zimbabwe's economic problems on international sanctions but USA today says growing discontent about other problems prompted a military intervention impeachment proceedings and demonstrations calling for his removal Robert Mugabe was ninety five Gordon thanks Mike USA today says Mr Mugabe enjoyed acceptance among peers in Africa who chose not to judge him in the same way as the U. S. and other western detractors toward the end of his rule he served as rotating chairman of the fifty four nation African Union and the fifteen nation southern African development community it's nineteen minutes now after the hour on this morning Jennifer kasinga is here with more of America's first news sport in hurricane Dorian is slashing parts of North Carolina and Virginia with rain storm surges and strong winds as it brushes up against the coast as.

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