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You know the thing about wowing people emotionally I I always I give the analogy I write about in the book that when. When I was business back in like nineteen, ninety, two, ninety, three, ninety, four but Microsoft powerpoint had just Kinda. Come out and I saw someone use a powerpoint presentation to my company and at that time I, think we had one computer for two hundred thousand people that have powerpoint on it. And I was like dad is incredible I immediately I gotTA. have it. So went to my boss like you gotTa Gimme powerpoint Oh by the way I need a laptop imagine nineteen ninety-three asking for a laptop and you're just a field account executive members briefcase Gary and I'm yours by boss looked at me like I had lost my mind and I'm like seriously. I need a laptop and I need that software and the and they wouldn't let me have it. So I went and bought it with my own money and then I went to best buy which you know that was the place where you bought equipment at the time and I think I dropped to like five grand on computers so that I could run powerpoint. And I started using it and I did get my boss to relent and allow me to rent projectors because you know projectors time we're in suitcases. And big, and I would I started building my final presentations powerpoint I would walk into people's Place of business I was set the projector up sometimes I was like I was a camel at the screen on my back like I'm walking in. This massive. All of this equipment and I was set it up and run powerpoint and they would hand me money because they were like nobody's ever done anything like that. They can see it and then you know we'd have things spinning around in circles but I even like in in nineteen ninety four I figured out how to drop video into powerpoint and make it run even on those machines and when you're running. A presentation and you're dropping a video on a powerpoint when you're running a machine, people sit up and look and they would write me. They see you know letters and they would tell me later on nobody's ever done things like that. It was incredible. So I use technology in that moment to rise above everyone else now you you walk in with a powerpoint you're just like everybody else. So same things happen in here. Everybody's GonNa get good at video but right now, the people that are adopting this and leaning into it and getting really good at it and learning how to blend it into their entire cells process. Again, there's some situations where you need to go there like you're you're selling I've got a client says a big equipment really expensive like you know five hundred, thousand dollar machines in manufacturing plants. There's part of the discovery process where you gotta go. There's no way you could do that virtually. So but they're able to do a lot of their initial meetings, initial discovery meetings on video, and they're getting good at it and they can do demos on video and they're getting really good at that so. They're shortening their cell cycles because they're using these tools but the but the self people right now that lean into this and get good at it they're the ones that are separating themselves and we're seeing it in our own business class go and nobody did anything like that with were a bunch of talking heads and they can see that like we're putting on a production and I'm like and it just excites me to be able to go and invest in this stuff and get so good at it, and there were creating this the separation from our competitors and our ability to interact with people that I know that they'll eventually close. But in the short term, why not take advantage of it Absolutely. Right Jeb I guess what? What? What we didn't talk about negotiation I. Don't know why I've gotten the book right in front of me and kiss you asked me something a hard I could look it up. I only have like fifty questions about Do it again. Well, actually this is this is my this is my ploy actually is I had no intention of talking about it. This is just the way to suck you in, get your back on show well I. Love It. I love anytime. I'm still ready to talk about negotiate the next to tell you about you know the the the art of negotiating virtual world you know and what you have to do. That but it it's been a delightful conversation as always I think I'd I think dominated poor conversation this time I'm sorry. No no this. This was a great great information. Louis lighten me up like a rocket ship with that. We don't make relationships comment. Why could count on you so All right jabs if people want to contact you, what's the best way to do that this we go to my website is sells gravy dot com seal es G. R. V. Y. Dot. Com for all the people that aren't from the south there is no Ian. gravy. So cells gravy dot com, and you can if you want to send me an email jab at selkirk dot com that is my real email address. So please don't spam me and you can also find me on. At sells gravy twitter at cells gravy facebook at cells gravy and just looked me up J. P. L. O. U. N. T. Blunt at linked in. To keep saying, gravy I'm getting hungry now. No. On the south, because there is sausage Allegra, I love from sausage gravy. OKAY ALL RIGHT JEB Hunger right as always we. Pleasure. To have you on I said, we'll get you on. We will talk negotiation. Awesome. But so much going on that we had talked about this. All right. Thank you. Don't you later. Okay friends. That's it for this episode I all I wanNA. Thank you for taking the time to listen. I'm ever so grateful for your support of this program Anna Thank Jeb. Blount for sharing his insights with us today. 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