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Bullpen defense offense that it is the offense of unit that ends up having the best chance to really carry this team so that if you're gonna end up getting to the playoffs forget cappers perspective that probably could be what exit nine five games yeah and and you know when you look at the back into the bullpen it's a little uncertain they've had some injuries but with the boppers if they have a they get a clicking they just got to hope that they can keep that off it's open for all nine innings right as the Phillies take the field led by Zack and when we give you our starting lineups and they are presented by the Ford F. one fifty does it just raise the bar it is the bar for the Mets Jeff big deal back in the lineup you lead off and play left field Peter Alonso well that second and play first base of the third spot the right fielder is Michael Conforto Wilson Rommel's cleans it up he's got that twenty four game hit streak and nobody catching Joe panic is at second base fat equipped I'm at risk sorry ill will back into six batic shortstop Todd Frazier is a third base Felix seven one the garish really eight and place centerfielder marquis stromal that night and strawberry that will be the picture of the Philly side Corey Dickerson leads off in left JT real so we'll do the catching Hewlett second Bryce Harper hits thirty right three sass gets cleans it up at Hoskins if for space spread Miller to start at third base bats she'd secure a late scratch tell you more about that coming up as Cesar Hernandez will it six them play second base factories short stop at seven that amazingly it center field will hit eight about a night that sack limit he is the starting pitcher Zack F. one big guy go six six two hundred and fifteen pounds started the year.

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