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Welcome to ignition points the show the to get you fired up and ready to win the weak if you're looking to buy your mindset with a fresh perspective you're in the right place. Hey what's going on? I'm Stephen Miller and you're listening to a point the show. That's here get you fired up and ready to win the week. If you follow me on instagram twitter Arlington. You probably saw me posting from Phoenix Startup Week. Of course that's why the show's been a wall. But it's one of those events you really need to find the time to experience you get exposure to great networking motivational speakers. Educational sessions in a remarkable set. A new resources to tap into each and every year so wherever you're from and whether in a startup or not do some googling and get out to your local startup week or your local entrepreneurship week. Once he figured that out. Grab your phone going your favorite APP for listening to podcasts. And make sure you're following the show to be notified when new episodes drop or season. Finale is only a few weeks away and I've got some big surprises. The first of which. I'll be announcing next Monday. But on today's show I'm going to be talking about how you can navigate. The pitfalls of partnership with Jenny Poon Jenny's the CO founder of Phoenix's purpose driven co working space called cahoots cahoots provides a professional inspirational space. For over two hundred eighty scaling entrepreneurs and small businesses by nurturing the community and promoting collaboration since day one cahoots has had a hand in creating hundreds of jobs in Phoenix and his earned high praises the number one co working space in Arizona. Number two in the nation and number nine in the world before starting cahoots Jan was known for her award winning work in the design community where she designed strategies for brands like the World Trade Center Association local I as E..

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