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Nearest uncle nearest minute jam. It's a whiskey but it's actually uncle. Nearest is made by the family of ernest green. Who was the one that taught jack. Daniels whiskey were in the history of jack daniels eight credit. The shop owner that jack worked for in training them to make whisky but really it was ernest green. Who was a slave. He was enslaved owned by the shopkeeper and he was a number one distiller whiskey at like thirteen years old and he taught jack daniels had to make it in the became his master distiller his family. Three generations later still work. Lot was family still works for jack in our whiskey in the whiskey business. His great granddaughter is a master blender and they started a uncle nurse whiskey company in pain respects ernest green and she is the one that did the master blending the newest whiskey the eighteen hundred four. That's out right now. jack daniels. The company jack. Daniel's says rewritten all the history books to include ernest screen because he was written out of it because he was asleep. While wow this shit be like. I would be more inclined to buy a whiskey if i know that back. I'm like no wines story. Yeah laura listen and not actually watching but mo- keeps looking up and we have a bar that's on the other side of where we're we're sitting right now with over one hundred and fifty different models my favorite part about knowing full bar. What are you talking about more than most bars. But between all the whiskeys agenda tequila the vodka's the cognac brandies. Plus we've got a almost four hundred bottle wine refrigerator to we like to drink. It's kind of part of our whose house really become such a focus for us so it is very enjoyable because like with anything like we try to do with this show you get a bit of education and entertainment and i think that's super important -portant it and you you to do that with a hen house you go in you leave with something you did. It know and you highly entertained so it is like the perfect company for our listeners. If there is somebody going out in their looking. They don't know what kind of whiskey or bourbon to buy. What would what advice would you give them when they're looking into. I need to buy wanted by somebody a gift. A nice bottle of whisky. what would it be. Or how do. I go about shopping for that. I probably would go with blends a little squirrelly if you don't you're looking for because it could end up be crappy. Yea well i enjoyed ones that you gotta know what you're looking for with that your status is go with something that is labeled bourbon or labeled ri- I personally like ryan more. But i think for beginner some of his rather new bourbon or irish. Jameson is always a good starter. If the spurting whiskey and then you can go from there. But it's a little bit reader. Irish whiskeys or have more of a mole content so A little eater and wis bourbons are born in riser. Obviously ri- he's gonna go with a a a bourbon. Bergman says bourbon horrible..

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