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Seven in nineteen Ninety-four. Could you imagine? I saw Darren rebel business. Reporter formerly ESPN put out yesterday on social media that a fan bought two tickets for the warriors Lakers game courtside yesterday. And I believe the total was sixty eight thousand dollars. Now, there's money and there is money. Could you imagine for a Christmas day game having the coin to be able to go on stubhub and pay sixty eight thousand dollars for two courtside seats? Help that fan was a Lakers fan. Could you imagine first of all I mean, could you even imagine having that kind of resource to be able to spend that kind of money to go to a regular season game any type of game? But you got a story like that. I I'd love to hear from you at eight hundred six three six eight six eight six because I run into people all the time. At the Sacramento Kings games of all places that have come from Australia to go to a game that have come from Japan to go to a game. I tell the story about a fan in England. His name is Danny. He's a cop over in England. He reached out to me. Via Email about eight or nine years ago. Diehard kings fan watches every game. His dream was always to see the Sacramento Kings play. So he reached out to me we were in Toronto. I met him after I got off my radio show at ten o'clock eastern in Toronto. At a sports bar right across the street from Air Canada center. We sat there for about two hours. We talked about his love and how he was able to come over. It was his fortieth birthday and his wife was allowing him to travel to go see the kings play the raptors the game was the next night. So I- surprised, Danny. And I got him a press credential, and Danny when you come in to the game, come see me immediately. And he did and I gave him a press pass. And he was on the court before the game taken pictures with everyone, and I had to meet the then coach of the king's Keith smart. And Keith said, you know, what if we win today? I would like for you to talk to our team after the game. Danny goes you kidding, right? He goes, no. If we win the game, I want you to come and speak to our players because I want our players to realize that they're not just playing for the fans in Sacramento and the fans that are at the game, but they're playing for fans from all over the world. So the kings won the game. And I'm looking across and we're on the post game show. On TV for like twenty or twenty five minutes. And I'm looking across the court, and I see Danny. So I'm trying to like I'm on. I'm doing the post game show, and I'm trying to work with my phone text. Any Danny go back go back into the hallway outside the locker room. So I get off the air. And I walked back outside the Sacramento locker room. And I see Danny I go. Did you see the coach he goes? Yeah. It was unbelievable. I said did you go into the locker room? He goes. Yes, he goes. And he showed me all the pictures of him in the locker room. Now think about this. Here's a guy that travels from London. To go to see his favorite team play thinks he's just going to watch. The game gets a press credential meets the head coach of the team and the head coach asked him to come into the locker room to speak to the players after the game. Now, I don't think there's anyone out there. That's going to be able to top that fans story. If you've got a better story than that that I want to hear it. Because that is to chew essence of sport. And you hear great stories all the time about what organizations do for fans that make an effort to travel around the world. And again, I I've got a lot of stories. I don't have a story like that. But I've got stories of of people that save money. And I really mean this for years. Whose dream it is to go to an NBA game in Sacramento. And I'm sure it's the same way and other NBA markets. I'm sure people are doing the same thing and Golden State. I'm sure there are people that are going to be at the Lakers game on the thirtieth. When I'm there doing the kings game that planned their New Year's around going to see the Lakers. So pretty amazing. It really is. All right. Let's get to Mike in Sacramento. Mike, you're on the Jim Rome show with grant Napier. Go ahead. I talked to you a couple of times coming home watching as game last year. And it was great. But the team I was chasing Notre Dame. I just retired last year. And the first thing I did from Sacramento with bought season tickets to the fighting Irish and Notre Dame football. Wow. It has been such a great experience. And then this year just to go to see the Notre Dame northwestern I had to buy season tickets for north western just to see the Notre Dame game come on. Really? Yes. I did. That's unbelievable. Well on top of that. And I went to the game. I got there. They were letting the players go on the field next thing. You know, I'm on the field, and I was on the sidelines for the whole Notre Dame north west Wyoming. I got great pictures of video, Mike, that's an awesome story, man. Happy new year to you. Happy holidays the quarterback for Notre Dame in book is from the town that I live in El Dorado Hills, California. And I watched in book players I ever NFL game. Because my son was on that team. And I've watched in book play from age eight all the way through high school, watch them play and all of his high school games, not all of his high school games. But a lot of them and the see him playing so well at Notre Dame and the remember what it was like watching him play at eight years. It's really neat man. I gotta tell you. It is really neat. Let's get to Tom in Baltimore. Hello, tom. Welcome to the Jim Rome show. Are you? So actually second to the Super Bowl between the giants. And the ravens really. Yeah. Three hundred dollars to my name. So they might college buddy. Phil, we drove down and. I don't know if there's a Wilders away, you know, and maybe God kind of play into. But it's unbelievable. Yeah. I mean like we got up early went to the stadium. We noticed a bunch of people wearing khakis and a blue shirt and agreed with or like Lando manager security. So we went across the street to WalMart. We bought the khakis and a blue shirt. You know, we showed him our DNA let us in. And we worked the whole event. And then we thought we got busted guys came up to us. And then, you know, and we thought we got busted. So they actually put us down on the field. And we were there for the field and the presentation of the Super Bowl trophy and everything and I'm on TV and my friends are calling me. So. Well, that is pretty unbelievable, Tom. Thanks, man. We're out of time. But I appreciate the phone call. Hey coming up in the next segment. The Nevada wolf pack. Don't take your eye off them. They are really really good their head coach is Eric muscleman. And he'll join us next. 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