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I'll stay down a point and a half because once again, by number was a little bit light for this game against Colorado, the neutral site game in Denver here this week. So you know, I was going to have to adjust them anyway. Maybe I should have gone a little bit more especially because you know, really Carlos state came back into this game when Hawaii stopped playing who I got that big lead kinda sat on its laurels a little bit. Then Colorado state scored these garbage time point. It's made it a lot closer than the game actually really was. So for car, I'll state again a team that I will watch as we go from week one into week two. So let's go ahead and talk week one here. Kyle, these numbers have been sitting out there for a while. We've seen some waves of movement over the course of the summer. We'll certainly see more movement here today and tomorrow as some of the syndicate's start to get involved Thursday and Friday as limits get raised. And of course, Saturday when limits are going to be their highest. So what we'll do college football season here generally with this college football, I look, we'll talk about some opening lines and some movements from those. Obviously, we don't have a ton of those talk about here this week with these numbers up since late may or a lot of times with Kyle. We'll look at the weeknight games to make sure we give you a lot of lead time for those. Now we'll return our pick six segment here. Why distraught six games at the end of the segment in rapid fire fashion, bullet point analysis of picker a lean. Sometimes they're not all that strong. Sometimes they're a little bit stronger, but that's what we'll do here on the college football. I look as we go throughout the course. Of the season. So again, four listeners out there. We're going to go by rotation number when we break these games down. So make sure that your odds screen is sorted by rotation number. We'll start here Kyle with game one thirty three one, thirty, four central Florida, and Yukon the nights eight twenty three point favorite here. Again it seems like this is maybe more of a trend this year to open with a conference game. I feel like we're seeing a lot more of those this year than we've seen in the past. Yeah, definitely. I mean this this is a game where you con going to be really bad this year. You can't the fence terrible. Their offense was very good either. Right now I'm looking at the odds screen sixty percent of the bets are on UCS eighty seven percent of the money on UCS. I usually won't be able to say that too much because we won't have enough of the the numbers out there to see what the market is doing. Obviously, these it available for a long time, fifty, seven percent of the bets on the over fifty, six percent of the money only over the overs going up from sixty nine and a half up seventy three. I agree with that new. I think that the the totals move makes a lot of things. As far as the side, you know, like I told you in the preseason. I I don't. I'm not terribly high on UCS here. I, I have minus twenty two having said that. I'm not taking you calling here. I don't trust you. Call them at all. Not a fan of Randy Edsall, especially now, I feel like you. Went back to uconn after he failed somewhere else. And I don't like the situation very much. I feel like you know, it's a setup to to not be very good future for them. You know, UCF to me the question Mark for them is their defensive line. You know, they're going to be way down defensive line, stopping the run. I don't think Yukon can take advantage of that at least not enough UCS going to throw the ball lot this year uconn, secondary mess. I think UCF will put up a ton of points here. I can't say that I have a strong feeling for this game either way. If I had to take something, I'd probably still take the over. Uconn has talked about wanting to play pretty quickly. UCF is definitely going to play fast. I know UCF played really fast last year. I think they'll play faster hypol- very, very fast in Missouri. I think it'd be, you know, hard to overstate how bad things are defensively, Yukon..

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