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Here. It's good to be back. Good tol here. Everyone's voices. And now good to be a sweat hog. All right, So you know, I gotta I gotta do this because I'm a corona con react. What were your first symptoms when you had the virus? I woke up two weeks ago today, actually early. You know, I wake up at three o'clock in the morning so I would look up at my usual Ridiculous time, and I've got some chest congestion and kind of a cough. You know, I felt a little bit tired. A little bit fatigued, but not, you know, not anymore than anyone else that wakes up at three o'clock in the morning, But it was the congestion in the cough. So I you know, everyone says if you don't feel good, don't go to work, so I didn't And went straight to Northwestern and got my test and it would talk about it. They said It would take 3 to 5 days. It actually only took a day to get my covert 19 positive test results. So I was I was pretty shocked and pretty, you know, scared it. Yeah, sure. And did the symptoms get worse? Yeah, a little bit. I had a fever. The only fever that I had during the whole time. I was on that very first day, and it was only a mild fever of 99.5 and then Just it just hit me like a ton of bricks like I got run over by a truck. I felt so tired and so a key. The cough didn't really get too much worse. The congestion didn't really get too much worse. That probably was for Well, I guess maybe 45 days, something like that, Like like that. And Dr Kevin most had I texted him and I said, You're never gonna believe it. You know, this is what happened and you know, so he was checking in and telling me do this and do that. And he said days, five through seven are generally the worst days for somebody of things. They're going to go really bad. They're going to go bad between days five and seven. So I was on day four now panicked about what was gonna happen, Dave 5%, of course on it really didn't get worse. It. Uh you know, if anything, the cough started breaking up, the congestion started breaking up. A pretty much all I did was, you know, sleep and you'll appreciate this watch. Leave it to Beaver reruns. Oh, that'll curia. Yeah. I love those little Eddie Haskell, just what the doctor ordered. All right, mister. My Mr Richards. How are you feeling? I hope you're feeling better, sir. Your coffin 19 is certainly looking nice today, Mrs Cleaver. Well, we're glad you're back in action and feeling good. Any idea how and where you picked up the virus racking my brain for the last two weeks on how this could have happened? Um, you know, I'm kind of Ah, you know, I'm really strict about masks. I'm really strict about social distancing. Uh, I washed my hands whenever I think about it, Although I will say that I probably have gotten a little lax since the beginning of the pandemic with that anything that you've become lax with since the beginning of the pandemic. Get back on the train again, because I mean, it just makes sense The numbers they're worse than they were. Then ever. Everything is worse now than it was at the beginning of the pandemic. It doesn't make one bit of sense to be lax except You get tired, You know, we get the fatigue as they call it, covert fatigue and you get a little lazy with it, And so, you know, maybe it's from that. I was with my family on Thanksgiving. But there were it was just a small group. We were completely social distance to we were masked the whole time. There was no physical contact. None of them in the in these past two weeks have gotten sick. I've asked Covered most about that. It's somebody you know could have family member have been asymptomatic and I got it from them. And he said in these two weeks by now, they would have developed something s O. He doesn't think it was my family. I think it's because I go to the grocery store. I think it's you know, because I I do not just stay in the house that I do go to those places and sadly, you know when when you're out. You do see people who are not wearing their masks properly. They have him around their chin. They have their noses are exposed, or they're not wearing them at all. And you people are the ones that are spreading the virus. Yeah, but you're wearing the mask in the grocery store, aren't you? I am but the mask, But if I'm wearing my mask, it's to protect you from anything I might expel. You get some protection from it yourself. You get some protection, but this is, according to Dr most The mask protects other people from you. If you're wearing a mask, it protects other people from you. If you're not wearing a mask, you're spreading the disease. So I guess you get probably some protection more than You would if you weren't wearing anything at all. But, um, it's it's the people who are not wearing masks. They're wearing them improperly that are the ones that are spreading this disease. Well, I've been explaining to my family why? I've had no physical contact with him even before the pandemic because you can't be too careful, You know, I mean, they're saying now that the flu numbers are down because people are taking these steps to protect protect themselves from the virus. That's where there's no flu. So you know that's a good idea to do safe all the time. There is an upside and You know, it's a fantastic reason to avoid people you didn't want to talk to in the first place. It's now tell me about the story now involving Charley Pride and the CMA Awards. Did that turn out to be a super spreader event? Well, they're not sure they're not. They're not 100% sure, but here's the deal with us. Is Charley Pride appeared at the CMA Awards got a lifetime achievement award on November. The 11th. And he he was tested..

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