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I'll osgood. Who doesn't believe that Caesar Nicomedes relationship speculates that it was all about who invented this Rimma, say's was married quite young to a woman that he seemed genuinely quite devoted to he had a very successful. Career and Osgood suggests that this was kind of the one thing. Alabel could find to build something out of to attack him on? He points out that in reality season may have had very viable reasons. Full lingering in Bavaria for one thing. He was only twenty probably haven't traveled that much before probably the slow. It was quite exciting to see the world. And for now that he could have been cultivating any committees and other positions as political allies. He did continue to advocate for me communities in Ryan laze in life and also from the committee's Dawson. And olive Athenians also recognized sees as the patron thought. Nonetheless, the minimum is fully Tim full the rest of his design solve this. When he was celebrating his conquest of goal. Two hundred ten with the chance. Save concord goal, but Nicomedes Konkan sees tank. Okay. So it was traditional when generals was celebrating a triumph for soldiers. Drunkenly insult them. That was the norm. Okay. Is this kind of outstanding? I guess that seems like not. I did not expect Reverend culture should be reliable. But the pot way was like normal for the rest of the year going to my house with friends. Yeah. Yeah. So it was traditional facilities to insult bed generals in this kind of context, but Cassius DIO nights that this channel in particular enraged season. And he took an oath saying that it wasn't true, which only to make people more likely to be true. So hang on. It's traditional for people to do. This was this particularly out of line. It was it was like overstepping first things you'd say about your general when you'll like heckling him at his victory haughty. No, I don't think so. It's just an upset in pool somewhere. Not set him for some reason, some modern sources will give you the impression that the issue. He was that season ending committees in a same sex relationship. That was what his opponents attacking him on Adrian Goldsworthy who read a bag of see the intestine six, for example writes on the topic quite the dislike of homosexuality appears to have been fairly widespread. What's? Attention needed hatred. Yeah. That's what Adrianssen latoya window. He sees as many relationships with women which went up good go into detail about him at he had lots okay at all. Hole. Goal to suggest that they onto taken in pot. Dispel rumors about Nicomedes, which files recognize that to argument having many affairs with women wouldn't dispel rumors about being passively penetrated by man since fit into ideas of kind of immoderation and giving into lost. So other than Adrienne knows Tokyo. Well. To continue to ROY stay. I'm sorry. He also with little ground comments. That court is absolutely son. That homosexuality did not play a pot in the rest of CBS's life in great. With young men that were although homosexual Asians have since he does life eventually his political opponents would have latched onto the says. Well, I mean when twisted Berman understandings of sexuality to the extent that we'll have is bad. Like sure that argument makes perfect sense. Yeah. Follows his cream statement. He's previous statement was wrong. If sees a headband engaging in homosexual activity with sexual has always slaves in which he was the act of partner. Nobody would have said anything about it because that was totally normal in the Roman mind. So this might have gone on his life. We will never know. All right, gold weather use misunderstanding that the whole situation highlights the need to talk about ROY Moore sexuality in its ROY Moore context rather than interpreting through Monday night is about sexuality. I think that's something we need to keep in mind. When for example, you'll find a month unlisted on the internet that will say Julia sees minimalist of ancient Roman to gay. If you name more context that you can't just say that list fame having next that's faster. That's true feature. The impression on getting is that if you take men who sleep with men as your client, you'll single requirement for calling someone gay..

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