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Welcome to our program. Well great to be here sort of. Kind of. You know I got just right out of the gates I gotTa say, I have to learn about people in a rapid manner often for the program and your story is one of the most complex I've ever had to take on and try to synthesize into some kind of linear story. Well, if you do it, let me know. It was actually more complex to try to live it make sensitive. So. You boy, you had this great quote. I read that said you live your life forward thinking yet you retrospectively make sense of your life so neither perspectives are maybe objective. Right? So it's Kinda like you just add it all up at the end and then try to find the through line. Well, that's the thing you have to treat. All biography is suspicious because people try to make some through line as. If you're living in that direction knowing where you were going. You know it's not like that no or that you had set a course for yourself at eighteen, and now here we are God knows not in my case. Okay. So I'm going to try to rapidly go through this kaleidoscopic life of yours so that we can get to the stuff that's on the frontier but first and foremost your kid from. Brooklyn actually you growing up in Brooklyn was interesting. Yeah. Especially at the time that you grew up and you're also you were being raised by a single mother from eleven years old on, which is its own unique experience. So yeah, what was broken back then it was lively and filthy and and exciting. Well, Brooklyn, was the Brooklyn of today what it wasn't was trendy. There was nothing trendy about Brooklyn and. I was growing up in Brooklyn in the nineteen sixties. Actually my dad had been in the hospital since I was five he had multiple sclerosis and he died when I was eleven. So I was raised entirely by my mom me and my brother and you know we did have a lot of money back then and so she came up with everything free or cheap you could do.

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