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Expensive for you and your family and there is no recourse as far as our lawsuits. I don't think because even if it is the tax payers is paying for but do we believe we got. He did the tax payer. Yeah the fight is not over for. Y'All is there a go fund me. Is there anything that anybody within hearing distance of my voice can do to help you and your family out most definitely definitely F I mentioned earlier. I am founder of the criminal justice reform that work. We do have a uncle on me and or seven on facebook page and also we're taking cash donations cash out which is dollar sign. I alliance cares. We're trying to provide a M- assistance or CPS parents that. I've gone through Kobe because what we do know that the system has not stopped but Koby and parents are losing their children because they can't get the services. They can't get the things they need to be able to go back to court and present to the court. They have breakfast out. Whatever situation and so Cobra is also aiding to the removal of children as well and and that is absolutely horrible so we're trying to provide parents with the resources that they need to be able to stay in compliance will order to make sure that CPS is not win the Ferret Again Mestalla sign or some kid the Go find me is on my On Our facebook page for personalise INC from woman justice reform network and. I'll put it on your page as well so people can easily assess it right. I appreciate that sister. So she said Criminal Justice Reform Network. Remember that name look it up. And where can they find that? Aren't they on facebook? Go to the facebook page for criminal justice reform and then she said dollar sign us. I'm not taking no phone calls of ICY said dollar sign. I alliance Kid Right now. Listen when I spell I write. I spent one S T. is it spelt out first alliance. Yeah Alright so is dollar. Signs spelt out. I alliance care. And that's where you could send your money to and this organization is helping individuals that Dylan where Cps and Also dealing with the Nineteen situation because as she said. It doesn't stop. You still gotTa have certain stipulations and one of them might be a job and they know. Ain't nobody hiring right now and let me tell you something else about that. One of the things they like to do is say well. You're not financially fit to take care of a child and guess what you could say. Well I give food stamps. I have a part time job. All you know you can tell them I get welfare and I'm a single mother. That's part time in school. You know what they tell you know where fair in food. Stamps is not enough. We need to know that you're working. You need to be working forty hours and you need to be making certain amount of money. This is crazy. Yes this is who is trying to control our lives family and this is not new. This has been going on for years and years and years but as we rise up and we fight against criminal justice and we ask for criminal reform. We got to have that same anger. We've got to have that same vigor. That we do their file children's in fact we need to have more anger we dealing with the babies and if we don't fight and save them nobody else will because we the holders and keepers of ourself in predicament. And that is the inclusion of this podcast on necessary black list podcast network sister. Is there anything that I should act you that I didn't you that you WANNA say last closing words now? We spoke about everything at this work. Understand that they are just one phone. Call a one dollars business away from CPS investigation. Please don't take this information might be. We are trying to save your lives and the lives of your baby. Mesa community and protect the children because CPS is not the agency and it's only our responsibility to make sure that our children face because we keep us say. I can't even say nothing after that men only thing I'm GonNa say this peace and Black Powell family. I'll see you next week. Same Place. Same time piece generation feeling my shoulder. Tokyo when it's all said and done they all know what I thought you were on the water.

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