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Hurt your listener super health that's Dr Brian Frank I'm Kyle drew so when somebody is used to taking these steroid shots and maybe the pain does go away and sometimes that is the only thing that you have on your mind okay that and I get it I've been in pain and sometimes I'd swallow a snake if it meant getting rid of the pain right now but then when it turns into a long term prospect one of the things that Doug Kaufman has said for a long time is that some of these anti inflammatory steroids and actually can promote fungal overgrowth in the body which can create a number of side effect issues and I know you know all about that doctor Frank so when some but he is saying okay I've been doing steroid injections I want to give this a go with Dr Frank does it matter if they've recently had a steroid shot or if they're at the end of the effectiveness of the previous steroid shot doesn't matter what time they come in to see you is there an ideal time or just call right now and make an appointment yeah well I'd say just call because you know I I schedule all my patients personally and so when I have a new patient call then then I'm gonna talk to him on the phone well before we make that appointment so they'll know what to expect but if if they have had a recent cortisone shot we usually wait at least a couple weeks to four weeks but you know really and truly most people they've they've white at that time all already and so normally we can get on the right hand within within about a week certainly and one of the big differences is first of all let me start over when it comes to prolotherapy we only have two minutes left in the segment Dr Frank but when it comes to prolotherapy do they take the therapy once per week for a number of weeks or once every other week until until you feel like you've you've achieved what you need to achieve how often do people do the actual in half in clinic therapy yes great question some people are completely done and and well and two or three treatments what we know statistically over many thousands of patients is that really whether it's a male shoulder back and elbow whatever statistically by the time we do for treatments and then typically those are at two week intervals but we can we can little by little bit one way or the other we need to do but roughly two week intervals by the time we do the for treatment we're in an eighty to eighty five percent success rate and and like I say they may be done and her three treatments I would love birds five or six but it's a short series and and you know it's it's not Walmart it's not a hundred percent but boy we see eighty to ninety percent success rate and you don't see that anywhere else in medicine typically well and what success means when prolotherapy works is that tissue is actually being regenerated being rebuilt and up because of the pain itself is going away you're actually regrowing tissue that the steroids are just turning the pain receptors off they're just not able to perceive the pain but the tissue was still damaged or degenerated with prolotherapy success means not only does the pain go away but the cause of the pain has been mitigated against let me give you doctor Brian Frank's phone number those of you who have been in pain those of you who need hormone replacement but don't want steroid side effects and there's a lot of those out there trust me here's the phone number four zero five seven six three seven six zero three it's four oh five seven six three seven six zero three make an appointment and let's get you in this week go to his website regenesis health dot com that's R. ET dash genesis health dot com Dr Brian Frank thank you so much we'll talk to you next week well the.

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