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Second pick in the two thousand twenty three NHL entry draft, the Boston Bruins select Christopher Pelosi. And he was playing in Sioux Falls of the USHL. Nineteen points in forty three games. Really big kid. He's six to one hundred eighty five pounds. He's a forward. He shoots left. So that's good. The next one is. Come on. One twenty four was Beckett Hendrickson. Yeah. Yeah. You might as well just name him off because my my iPad's going off the rails over here. One eighty eight was always technology. Let's see. Let's see. The first three, four picks. Pelosi, Hendrickson, Walsh and Casper, Nason are all forwards. I'm pretty sure they were all centermen, too, if I remember correctly. Or at least they were all capable of playing centermen. Walsh was at one eighty eight and Nason was at two fourteen. And then they addressed defense with 220 overall with Christian Castaninski. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. Yeah. Six five, two hundred fourteen pounds. Big, big defenseman. So everybody that was drafted, all five picks, the Boston Bruins selected in this two thousand twenty three NHL entry draft are all over six feet tall. So what does that tell you? I think they want size. I think so. I think they're going for bigger bodies. It'll it'll be very interesting to see how this plays out. obviously Obviously, none of these guys are expected to touch NHL ice for at least two, three seasons, given where they were drafted. But, you know, for all the all the haters on Sweeney, you know, you almost almost won that GM of the Year award again, which would have been a nice one to shove in their face. But Mark, it looks like you have something to show for our Patreon users. I do. And like I say, every week we have a Patreon account. And if you want to donate one dollar per episode, you will be eligible to receive a hand signed Boston Bruins alumni jersey or a current player jersey. But for one dollar this month, it is July. So we are giving away a New Jersey. Congratulations to Susan, who won the Adam McQuade jersey last week. And my friend out in California, I can't remember her name. I'm so bad. She won the Matt Chrislick jersey. So the month of July is the Sean Thornton jersey. So this is fully authenticated hand signed Stanley Cup champions. Really, really nice jersey here. Oh, yeah. 2011 Stanley Cup champ. All that for a dollar. I want it. No. OK. It's for our Patreon. So please go to patreon .com slash Black and Gold Hockey Podcast and donate that one dollar because it helps us out. Yes. Chris doesn't get it.

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