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The warning on climate change for years. Congress member God bless you for the green new deal. We're applying it right here in New York City. Even before the federal government gets everything we need. We're doing it here. You heard the mayor talking to representative Alexandria, Alexandria, Ocasio. Cortez there, and Senator Chuck Schumer to President Biden will be pressed on funds today after he visited hard hit Louisiana on Friday. That's where I the first made landfall, killing 13 and plunging New Orleans in the darkness. Power slowly being restored. Meanwhile, the mayor says her team will make sure living facilities are safe and evacuate people from ones that aren't Mayor LaToya Cantrell's. Monday announcement came after officials found elderly wheelchair bound residents trapped on the upper floors of privately owned senior living facilities with no electricity and no way to escape the heat after Ida swept through and knocked out power. We're going to make sure that the city continues to prioritize these facilities, particularly those that not only we have to close, but I'm very concerned. About our seniors coming back to the city and back to the conditions that they left so prior to allowing for that to occur. I'm making it very clear that the city is going to do thorough inspections with this building strike team so that again we can ensure that the conditions Are not only improved but that they are in compliance. Hundreds of people were evacuated nearly a week after I to hit, officials said Five residents of those homes died in the days following the storm. Some of the managers of the senior living apartment buildings evacuated to other states before IDA hit without making sure the residents of facilities would be safe and have working generators. Former marine sharpshooter accused of invading the home of apparent strangers in Florida and fatally shooting a woman. Her three month old baby and two others was ordered with held without bail Monday. It was his first court appearance. Brian Reilly, Uh, they haven't given a motive for the grizzly attack. But they say officials say Riley may have a mental illness, and he told investigators following the shooting that he was high on meth. His girlfriend said he had been saying for weeks he could communicate directly with God. Riley surrendering Sunday morning after that gun battle with authorities who brought in at least one armored vehicle. During their standoff. Actor Michael K. Williams, known for a starring roles in HBO's The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, has passed away at the age of 54. Williams was found dead Monday afternoon by family members and his Brooklyn penthouse apartment. The NYPD said his death was being investigated as a drug overdose. Lance Reddick, who co starred with Michael K. Williams, on the Wire, said Williams would go out of his way. To help fellow actors and whenever I needed.

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