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By storm in twenty twenty one. And now we'll get into Saturday from Belmont Park. The first race we're going to get to is the Miss Grillo Mile and a sixteenth for two year old fillies on the turf at Belmont. This is a very chalky race The favorites ran wanted three in here but really good effort. winning. Effort I should say from plum alley she's going to be a really highly touted going into. Breeders. Cup moves to three for three was a stakes winner in her start. Before this, we talk about Christoph Lamont lasts race with Goof Oh and the Belmont Derby Chris off climate great year this year he's definitely got you know he's Never WanNa Breeders Cup race four. He's definitely got some really good chances. You know we talked about show like I already mentioned plum alley really is going to be really good going into the Breeders Cup and good runs underneath and the other phillies. Knows finished decided between second and third Brad Cox ranked second with his Philly kept Chad Brown out of the top two with his horse editor at large. But you know like I mentioned talented horses plum. Ali's definitely going to be one this really highly touted going into the Breeders Cup. Of. Juice. Oh, impressive earlier through the summer, and then obviously that state twin Kentucky announced last in just three extremely nice races and yet for your readers talk she's Some of the European names that are floating around she might not even. Be Favorite is kinda crazy to say but in this division in general is so extremely tough. This is certainly the race I'm most excited for on a future stars Friday for the cup. It's extremely deep, extremely talented and our families certainly going to be interesting underneath. I. Know I know county ran for a very fine and so that at large there goes or to extremely good billy's from to the best in America Brad Cox Chap around. So backup law molly handled them as well. She did gives me a didn't even greater competence going for it's like it's tough. So I can't be like I can't say she can't. Do Anything. You know dat dat out there but I can definitely confirm she's going to be a very strong contender she's going to have a.

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