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Than 500 points today. It had been down 900 earlier in the session. You're listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed. The camo afternoon news. Good afternoon come on news time 302 and with partly sunny skies in downtown Seattle, it's 66 degrees. I'm ELISA Jaffe with Rick fan sites, and here's what's happening. I'm Charlie Harder. Former Democratic State senator and Washington Supreme Court Justice filled helmet says he expects the upcoming fight over justice, gin spirits replacement to be divisive, but saying that Republicans I think they're going to do as much as they can as quickly as they can. The question is whether they can pull them. Whole caucus together, coming up after traffic in weather. How talented sees is playing out in Washington, D C. Police and Redman shot and killed a woman inside a downtown Redmond apartment after she called 911 for help. Andrea Wolfe book with Redmond police as officers arrived at the Madeira apartments about 9 30 last night to find a woman yelling from an outside balcony. She indicated she was the 9 11 color and possibly shot one. Inside the apartment, the woman confronted officers, according to police with a handgun. At least one officer open fire killing the woman can county sheriff's detectives are now investigating privacy is a campaign issue in Thurston County, where County Commissioner Gary Edwards has requested the Social Security number of Carolina Mahir, a candidate for a seat on the commission. Listen, Commissioner time Ensor wants the commission examined its rules. I would like to know whether we have a county policy that would cover a commissioner seeking to obtain personal information of a county employee. Edwards. Critics say he requested the Social Security number in an effort to prove Mahir is not a U. S. Citizen. I'm see Romero, a new park on Pier 62 on Seattle's waterfront is open less than a mile away from the collapsed pier 58. You know, frankly, we're glad to have a public park that were able to open at the same time that we've unfortunately had to close your 58 Marshall Foster with the office of the Waterfront, says the new pier 62 Park is safe built on steel pilings and concrete deck panels, which they're also rebuilding Pier 58 with The city of Seattle and S DOD, working to create a permanent black lives matter Mural. The original artwork located a Pine Street in 10th and 11th Avenue deteriorated when a sealant was applied to the mural without the artist permission. Artist Takeya Ward says that they'll get to work on all this tomorrow. They were moving in on Tuesday and then on Saturday and Sunday will be out there repaying the mural. The 15 original artists will be applying multiple layers with more durable paint. To make that artwork last longer. Still ahead on Comeau news, Boeing packs up another line. I'm Brian Calvert with what the industry is saying about changes in Everett. Three or four. Let's get to Marina now for a check on our promo traffic. Well, we do have an issue actually, South Bound I five in Lakewood, and it's Ah, looks like well, getting into a lake would actually it's 70 seconds Was your coming out of.

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