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Facebook live in addition to Youtube. Where we're branching out over here and You know doing things just so you know working behind the scenes trying to get the show out as well as we can and to that end. I know I've been trying things with the equipment here and you know it's always hitting with my show. Technical problems are us but I ordered a new piece of equipment today. We got our twelve hundred dollar government. Payoff check not that you don't do much good in the big scheme of things that hundred dollars honestly in twenty twenty dozen go very far. But I'm pulling four hundred dollars out of it to buy a new audio console which hopefully will take all of my different inputs and and Give a better end product. So keep your fingers crossed. It should arrive on Saturday and I know what I'll be doing this weekend studio rebuilding yet again so Hey we got that to look forward to right so that's on the docket Coming up in the show today. I'm I'm I'm excited to talk to Governor Don Siegelman. Hopefully you know if you've been a listener of this program Moore paid attention to progressive politics for any amount of time. You know the name Don Siegelman. He was the governor of Alabama until he became the subject of a political vendetta really waged by. I believe Karl Rove and To make a long story short Don Siegelman wound up being persecuted. I prosecuted and persecuted and wound up serving five years in federal prison for a bullshit bribery. Charge it. This was a political prosecution. This was he was a political prisoner inside the United States and what happened to him was a travesty. Well thankfully he's out of prison but it was a brilliant. Political career was derailed. I mean Don Siegelman could have an would have been a great president should have been president. He was the first progressive politician elected. Governor I think in the country certainly in Alabama and and again he was targeted by the Republicans by Karl Rove by the Bush administration because he was a progressive. Anyway he's got a new book coming out and the book I I'm just starting to read it now. It's called stealing our democracy. It'll be released in June so we're not going to talk about the book today because I really don't want to get into the book until I've had a chance to read the whole thing and then also watch. There is a film called Abacus versus the architect the political assassination of Don Siegelman so when when the governor joins me again in June upon release of the book. We'll get into all the gritty of what happened to him. And in this case it was what happened to him. It's not anything he did. He did nothing wrong but was targeted again as a political assassination that's the way to put it And wound up five years in federal prison but the governor sent me a text last night and I know this is something that the there's something he's really concerned about and I know how much it weighs on him. He wrote a letter to The Wall Street Journal. Couple of weeks ago that was published. I can't pull it up because behind a paywall but I know he wrote the letter He appeared with both Thom Hartmann. And Brad Friedman in subsequent weeks to talk about the issue of Cova Nineteen and prison and it is ugly and so at the bottom of the hour will be joined by Governor Don Siegelman. I urge you to stay tuned. He's a fascinating man if you don't know enough about him. You should preorder his book stealing our democracy in fact put a link on the blog at Nicole Sandler dot com after the show. Where I post the podcast to a place where you could buy it. That's not Amazon. In case you know in case you're interested so we'll get to Don Siegelman There's a lot of news to get to today and I gotta Say I'm I'm disgusted but we've been disgusted. But the gas lighting coming from this administration is just atrocious. It's I mean listening to Donald Trump. I know again. It's it's it's my job so I feel like I have to but I also get into that thing where I turn it on. And it's like the train wreck you can't turn away from. I can't stop because I want to know. What kind of fucked up? Bullshit thing. He's going to say next. And for instance yesterday did I did I. I don't know if I didn't pull anything from yesterday. But instead of playing something from him I want to play for you. Something that happened this morning on Fox in fines. I know it's Fox and friends. You know. Cut Me some slack here to me their fins. They're not my friends. I know they're not your friends so they're fiends anyway so yesterday we reached to pretty horrible milestones right the US past the the the million mark one million plus confirmed cases of Kovic nineteen in the United States and globally. It's just over three million so a country with that has the four percent of the global population accounts for thirty three percent of the covert nineteen infections on the planet. Just let that sink in for a moment how badly we failed and then yesterday we pass the fifty seven thousand Americans Dead Mark. Fifty seven thousand and the reason that number was important. It's because that's how many had so many lives America lost in the Vietnam War so more people killed in a matter of what two months from this virus that got out of control. I say due to the negligence of this administration and the world on the world stage we have a third of all confirmed cases while our population represents four percent of the planet's population. There's something really seriously wrong there. So you think perhaps perhaps the Gov- The government should take responsibility for their actions. So what happened on Fox and fiends this morning? Well Jared Kushner. You know the first son-in-law who say you know what we may as well be in some Banana Republic where the leaders family all has important and jared Kushner. You know he's the guy who is in charge of everything right. So Jared Kushner is on Fox and friends this morning and he actually had the gall to say this and again we're on the other side of the medical aspect of this and I think that we've achieved all the different milestones that are needed so the government federal government rose to the challenge and this is a great success story. What it's a great success story. We have a million plus confirmed cases of Kovic. Nineteen and more people have died in the last two months in the United States from it then were killed in Vietnam War. That's a great success story. This has gas lighting years ago. I coined a new phrase and granted. It didn't just grow out of the trump administration. I've been using this term since the Bush years. And it's you know it's when I get so crazed that people are saying people elected officials mostly say one thing when the truth is the exact opposite and I call it opposite.

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