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Heart them so much he was their best player and probably the best pay the tournament up until that point then ki as it became the star of the team and the the big focal point for them so i think southgate will look at his strengths and all of the attacking quality that we have. And i think that's what he now needs to accounting. Okay how can i get the most out of them. Waltzed having this solidity about his players well and if you can strike that balance task and to be catering because i think it's so important to recognize all of the doubts about england's defensive qualities headed into the tournament and everyone was kind of worried about midfield in defense and ashley. We have control games with these departments. I take that the conducted the control. That england is slate throughout the tournament. In in the games they've they will. They went on to wait and obviously was controlling the game in a different way. They didn't control that. Like rafi. engineer or champion. The past with the allows you controlled it without the ball in ways that probably a lot. Less sexy or probably. I'll certainly less obvious to the eye controlling space controlling time. Good defending positioning. Good pressing forcing your positions mistakes. These all kind of like at the. It was obvious as that all passes in a row but in the midfield made better teams seem worst and mancini and southgate have very composer players to draw upon that almost mirror images of each other England's weaknesses is in central midfield. That's where italian shrinks off and italian weaknesses are arguably in major talking every four. Exactly the pace right up pitcher. So they're kind of like Jokes additions of sides. So i think it's good for us to say or anybody or the noises coming out from anybody after this tournament saying oh southgate's now we're going to learn how to have controlling style of play england. Were who's who's coming into. Who's coming in and doing that Obviously this great exciting talent around. But who's actually coming in doing. The georgieva ratty petrie role. That some you know. Still kind of unfulfilled this. I believe i just don't think that pays out that to come in just chat or in the next seventeen months of into i'll give you to name would be key for that so i think utilizing phil foden move into midfield. Three could be huge to that. I have to say that. He has not paid position for his club if he starts the season. I'm all on board but you can't. We can't say if the next two seasons vote plays wide laughter white right four city. Is that know what you don't want to get into is skulls and gerard priming square peg round holes. So and i think actually greyish playing a number ten probably Was something that he's been a left-winger for villa nothing His tactical discipline is nothing off the ball compared to mesa mountain mount so many minutes in comparison. But i think if phil plays in that role know the way that dabid silva was able to. I think pep could do that. So i think he definitely has the ability and disciplines. But you're absolutely right..

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