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Challenges from people to judge and any closure I talked to New Hampshire Republican governor Chris to new new about the primary and the health of his state's economy along with Bloomberg contributors Rick Davis and Ginny's NO we're doing really well looking at the economy here in New Hampshire is phenomenal it's booming when you have the lowest poverty rate in the country when the lowest unemployment rates businesses and families moving into doing it to Hampshire unlike any place else in the northeast that's a huge opportunity for the government but for families and individuals and that's why economic prosperity in a strong economy so important because it provides a better quality of life of both provides more flexibility so we're very proud lot look there's always a challenge out there whether it's investing in mental health opioids whatever might be but we have a lot of opportunity so it is that kinda world why would voters really be worried because the polls it sounds like their life is pretty good they don't want a life change should look look did this two reasons why put folks my first they come out to say yes we are very happy with economists like Donald Trump is actually a lot of voters out on the Republican side even though he's really not running many could get upwards of a hundred thousand votes they didn't have to come with us people kind of voting the the success that they're seeing in their communities you have also folks on the other side there's got to be a candidate in this but a lot of kids any sort of to spend money but spent time with folks one on one in their communities to get them out some can it's a better at it than others in terms of look in New Hampshire if you go with so many I he has a cool you as a person first middle by often the person that we get to the policy later and that's why you have to such a good national litmus test because we do have such a high voter participation on both sides we are very purple were very politically diverse a doesn't take a lot of money name ID to do well here it really just take some of that spends time with the individual and that time gets you can't earn that vote that's for the case to the not voting people understand it responsibility of coming out and being that first litmus test for the rest of the country there's obviously a lot of spending that goes on the impact of the primaries have on stage they they come in they spend a lot of money you know our our one TV station here because temporarily becomes was profitable TV station country be honest about it but TV ads aren't everything they're really not my guess is there's a lot of pizza places that are feeding a lot of campaigns with with pizza night but there is an economic impact but we don't really look at that as much as the impact we and responsibility we have at the state and the citizen's to kind of be that first drop right it's just not all about the dollars it's a responsibility we take very seriously which is why we've given what happened in Iowa you know we just we just want to kind of confirm folks we get it right we've done this for a hundred years or pressure based on one half and I'm a bigger spotlight for pressure because we're not really changing anything we've done it a hundred percent reliable a hundred percent of the time so we've been a little more transparent about all the different things that we traditionally put in place one person one vote paper ballot it's counted results come out it's it's pretty simple we know it as Bloomberg does too we know how to count but we want to make sure people understand there's a lot of reliability and safety net and because of that a lot of folks cannot participate what are the challenges you do phase in New Hampshire and we heard a little bit about things like affordable housing or infrastructure which is certainly a challenge to the rest of the country but what are those challenges that you're some of the big challenges we have systems that we've had to completely rebuild so one is our pure crisis a lot of folks know about it now we felt great downward trend of your desk here but we had to rebuild the whole infrastructure in the present was a big part of that he made it but a.

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