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We? Deal with a problem that we never created in the first place in terms of race of racism that we never we didn't. We weren't racist. We weren't racist against ourselves so how? To fix the problem in ourselves. Do you think this is something that we can really fix? In terms of the core or a has to be white people of influence, influence, power and money to say you know what this can't happen, no more this can't stand to. To be white people. NARA wireless five percent white. When a country that the economy, the educational system and the judicial system is controlled by life I. don't care that there's a black mayor. Is Illegal was a black president? Let's not get it twisted in act like this. Each police stealing were happened under Obama you. Down Yeah. This is not just donald trump yeah. So they control ninety plus percent of the wealth in America is controlled by whites. There is not been a black movement. In America that change things on a practical whether it was the abolitionist movement or to civil rights movement that did not. Involve white people. Abraham Lincoln had to decree the emancipation proclamation. White abolitionists this fall for that in the civil rights movement. Marching with you know blacks, and then you had. Lyndon Johnson and other politicians who changed that certain law. Voting Rights Act and things like that, so you've asked other movies like Marcus are. United Negro Improvement Association or the Nation of Islam by Elijah. Muhammad Malcolm X.. The benefit of those movements. With really psychological. They they they stressed black pride. A if you. If you paid attention studied, embrace certain of the things they were teaching. You felt proud to be black in a society that had always made us ashamed to be black. Malcolm X. in Marcus Garvey moved with that. Increase your pride in being black guess and make you feel good about being black, but that was internal. That was to the black community. As far as those those movements didn't do anything practically. In charge of changing laws and Only inside. Herve Akzo, so movement like that. which is what we're looking for now we need both. Yes, who looking for now need we need why? And White Allies in power national. I think the NFL players. who demanded an apology from the NFL Roger Goodell satelite lives matter and all that that was great, but he didn't go far. No, you need to demand action, yes. Jerry Jones is buddies with Donald Trump is arbor. IS CLOSE WITH DONALD TRUMP? Is He? Is He? Our money talks in America. Yes, but he thought it is. It's not. The politicians are doing what the people with money Taliban. Jess, and so if you can get these why owners of the NFL and other sports franchises to use their wealth, power and influence to get lost chains to get police reform done Pat that what you need to demand result just demand an apology because you say actions speak louder..

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