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Coolers are being replaced with hydration stations that markets gravy academy on the city's east side Tony Allen is president and CEO of the Skillman foundation because you can tell from be a planner Detroit none of our children are exempt from if they're an old buildings with old pipes that there are all kind of leakages and the eyes happenings she says the put the bigger spotlight on failing school infrastructure across the entire state free kids hair cuts today to honor a fallen police officer lieutenant Elaine Williams was murdered in June she started the free back to school hair cuts in ponytails program last year with a four one one therapy today the Detroit police department sixth precinct will honor her memory with an event from noon to three kids ages five to fourteen it's at the sixth district along Plymouth road just west of the south field freeway and a northern Michigan girl is helping kids in need by raising money to buy them bikes eight year old Piper shoe Mar of Trevor city has been collecting pop bottles and cans that timber ridge R. V. and recreation resort and it's not twenty nine bike so far that are being donated to toys for tots her mom Kim says Piper was born with a non functioning colon but is now healthy and have like over twenty procedures and surgery then so to be able to be given this gift of hell she now wants to be able to hill and turn go you know not only does the gift of kids getting healthy but she wants to be able to share her love of biking without Piper who races bikes collects the pop cans several hours a week it here Beth Fisher WWJ newsradio nine fifty WWJ news time eleven thirteen it we will check sports were Tony Ortiz that's coming up next.

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