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Slow pro works on the right lane at MalcolmX Avenue now from garage door repair dot com the W. M. A. L. EDC seven storm watch forecast another weather system moving through our area bringing us rain through the overnight hours ending by mid morning on Saturday in the skies clear out we'll see some sunshine by Saturday afternoon but the winds are gonna pick up up to thirty miles per hour with high temperatures only in the mid to upper fifties on ABC seven chief meteorologist bill Kelly on W. M. A. L. right now it's fifty nine degrees and warns him with mostly sunny skies Clausen Frederick fifty five and fifty seven and mostly cloudy at Reagan national hi Barbara brick on one of five point nine FM Washington's mall WMAL Larry o'connor show one of those days where we can't get enough of possibility thinking right now and we got a look at the possibilities in front of us and I'm very grateful to the president for a great announcement yesterday.

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