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The whole thing when you kind of follow the paper trail of what's being said and then who are the people reporting those stories and really pushing those stories idea that uh man like let's was got bad advice and all that that's that goes beyond just uh i have a plan for my for my player and you guys have a plan for you team right now i told her family i get it at the end of the day i could focus on if what eric and i would would air thought going in you know there's no way you can ever would oscar at an actor if you were only evaluated from the often sing sell at the movie play out no we're gonna watched movie and so and the pretends to air you know hey he's happy he's now milwaukee bucks there i think they're like 13 seven says he says he's got near fourteen seven he's plan well and and and that and that's all that matters to me to be clear i want i have i have to ask this would you got neural us was that was that reported deal on the table here with when you sign will you sign up for you go into that i'd never lived in the past hour know what was true old or what would fall off i i had no no recollection or anything and no dialogue based upon what was ever reported from from from other resources molly focus was to do we did netts pick the qualifying offer in autopsies chris.

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