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There has been out there for years, and it looks like he's not only a finalist with Houston, But that deal maybe getting done. He's going down to Houston to meet with Cal McNair. And so maybe he doesn't leave Houston because he's the new GM, so that takes one position and one name off the board. But You want to have that person in place? Your help the little by you still have the entire personnel staff and John Elway still around, but you also don't want have to settle, so you want to be able to get your guy? It's just tricky if if there's a really good candidate that you like odds are someone else likes him too? Right? And that's what you want is you want to be in some sort of bidding war and hope that you're the right fit for them something other jobs come with. Potentially better opportunities to either drafted Trevor Laurence. Or you have a dish on Watson. If because area doesn't get that job in Houston or does either way that's a more attractive quarterback situation right now, And of course, we see what Justin Herbert it is a rookie in L. A. And we know how talented that roster is there. So you want to do it quickly because you don't want to let this fester for a couple of weeks. But you don't want to do it so quickly that you miss somebody that might have been the better fit Vacay as we get going into the offseason. Certainly there's um uh, contract clauses and timelines that need to be met. Any off any offhand that you can think of that have to be done before the start of the league year contract has to be executed before the start of the league year. As far as the guys that are under Contractual obligations. No, I guess I have to decide before you don't want guys to hit the street if you want him back, so I have to pick up an option. It's a team option on cream. Jackson very asked, you'd have to decide. Yeah, it's a team option for It's 12 million years a captain. It's 10 million in cash. So it's the team's decision to bring him back at that number. I feel like there may be an option on Von Miller. I need to double check that and if and if so, because you keep hearing people ask about the decision on Ron Miller. That's 17.5 million in cash and 22 a half against the cap, so I think it would Be in the best interest of the organization and the new GM, assuming that we believe what Vic Fangio and John Elway was saying that they want him back, and I think that they do that they get a deal done yet is a team option for Nirvana's well, 18 million in cash. I'm sorry in 22 2 to 5 against the cap. You want to sign him to an extension so that it doesn't It doesn't crush your cap this year and gives you more flexibility and gets von happy, right. This is a guy that has meant so much for the organization that if they want it back, they need to get that done. And then she'll be Harris, I think won't be done before free agency. That's the sense I get that they put a number out there. That was lower than he thinks he can get on the open market. Of course, you went through this once last year, so he may end up right back in the same spot. Differences last year. They never really put an initial offer out to him. So if they knew GM wants to honor that offer, or like Shelby, as much as we know, big Fangio does, And then Shelby will likely be back in the Justin Simmons. Of course, they could negotiate with Justin at any time. Now, I believe, because the season's done and they can obviously slap another franchise tag on him. But if they want it back, they're gonna need to make him a high state safety and football and I think he's probably earned that. In that salary. Okay? The last thing I have for you here, the five highest paid players or the Denver Broncos. Von Miller at 7 18 million bucks. Right? Juwan James 9.85 Kareem Jackson 10 Million with the club option. General Casey 6 11,000,081. On the next guy is AJ Bouvier. Of those five. How many do you anticipate coming back? Two for sure to Hogan Miller, Okay. Von Miller and John James, right. Tuan James opted out, but he's got 14 million reasons to come back and play next year. His wife's from here, So it's not like he's been hanging out somewhere else. I don't think I'm pretty sure they're just living in Denver. She's I think either from room to room fielder Lewisville, Esso. I expect James and I'm going to hold out hope that one. Miller does finish his career here that you don't have. Ah, The markets where situation guy that should have finished his career in Dallas. Like we were the beneficiaries in Denver to have them around in the community and bond was the biggest beneficiary. I think having him around, but Kay Jack, I'll lean towards that probably bringing him back. A lot of it has to do with what the cap number is. Is it 1 75 or doesn't go up to 200 because new TV deal is right around the corner or multiple new TV deals right around the corner for the league? So, uh And I don't think Casey and boy will be back a zoo. I've told you guys here now for multiple weeks. Okay? We appreciate it is always look forward to catching up with you again tomorrow. Sounds good, and they want some more names that are on the list and start to get a sense of when they're actually interviewing here in the next couple days. A man that is OK away Broncos insider brandy crystal being brought to you by Coloradans for responsible energy development. Alright if you missed it earlier, we every chance to win $1000 text the nationwide keyword game G A m e the 202 100, You'll get a confirmation texted info. Standard dead and message rates apply in this nationwide contest. And keep listening for money on the hour on K away news radio..

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