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Robert fret tony levin build rueffert i saw the months kind this scientific i you know into precision that's it into precision maybe too much actually theory of angela in hey rule holloway angela i angela and i didn't didn't hear angela johnny and some of highend at high johnny go ahead least you warren all of our crew can chevrolet yeah this guy was unbelievable i i uh and the fifth pep tracy chevrolet i i saw she was playing o'brien's on the eighth and i said i said to myself i'm gonna go yeah no how do you know issued daughter i i see tremendous this guy was unbelievable she's she's probably walked 511 and she puts on he'll since he's about six seven yeah and she has three different personalities she has tracy chevrolet then she's also on the ski bunny and then she has a tv show on the cambridge uh access general crawl british jackie was she uh speaks in a british accent and she i it's like it's uh sort of an interview sylvia's rule he just like nuts that's it's unbelievable british jackie british jackie yahoos thousand illegal narcotic there are actually the tweet chevrolet dealership and there is legal tracy lay the dealership comes up first who you will you want to go in the ski by route and then you can see summa videos of our how do you know so much about her ate i saw at one time i would so put that i said it'll against my elbow ugly hands you have it easier cabinet be in there and uh she play in where uh us please call the taliban at the end of the world it's in charlestown and you became strained what is the what is the.

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