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Restaurants and bars with limited seating so this is a new way of dining but we're going to be very careful and we're gonna engage slowly office work that cannot be done remotely and I want to be very clear that these businesses have got to here and here to the worker safety requirements that I mentioned before and the governor saying that the people who live in other parts of the state should in her words think long and hard before going there this in the coming weeks health officials announcing there are now four thousand nine hundred and fifteen deaths of fifty one thousand nine hundred and fourteen cases of coronavirus in Michigan president trump has said that he is now taking the malaria drug hydroxyl caloric when even though the drugs on proven providing covert nineteen German diamond reported that the president is taking the drug as a preventative measure the president said that he's taking it essentially is a prophylaxis to trying to prevent getting the disease in the future despite the fact that there is so far no sub substantive medical evidence to back up the fact that it works not only as a treatment but all the more as a prophylaxis he just announced a moments ago for the first time that he himself has actually been taking hydroxy Cork win for the last week and a half an as more restaurants and bars are looking to re open in the age of covert nineteen the challenge to maintain social distancing is top of mind mayor Duggan telling Mitch album the city is looking at the possibility of closing streets to allow restaurants to provide seating with proper distance thing but we're exploring that right now is you know just putting tables on the sidewalk to the delight of good because people walk down the sidewalk and it defeats the purpose but but but potentially we could find some areas we close off some streets and let the restaurants spill out into the streets and set up tables the Dow today have a good day the Dow was up nine hundred and eleven points the nasdaq closed up two.

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