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Carolina panthers source on the pitch and champions league action manchester united down benefit to now biron beat celtic two one paris saint germain five neil a shellacking of anderlecht roma shuts out chelsea three nail athletico madrid and karabeg finished in a one one draw barsa and olympiakos played ninety five scoreless minutes and you've been tests played to a one one draw with sporting cp be fox that's your bloomberg nbc world spoke what's up day rush thanks very much indeed for that role again a good look at what's going on market weiser's this reminded cells of what happened on wall street overnight as a session where as a bit of optimism certainly and she's just edged higher with the dow up just onetenth of 1 percent and done this 500 effectively having the same sort of game by that so you what we've good coming up right here on bloomberg daybreak asia it is the latest on this deadly pickup truck attack in lower manhattan some acquitting it a cowardly act of terror the beat goes on that uh from ed baxter who's been old over that story for as that's on the way this is bloomberg kevin gallagher is a graduate of njit new jersey institute of technology he rose to become president of global specialty chemicals company generating five hundred million dollars a year before retiring he put sustainability at the center of the company's farseeing business strategy the whole issue of sustained ability is an important one for institutions like njit because in many ways it represents one of the next technological frontiers we've developed so much in the 20th century and into the twentyfirst century in terms of innovation and technology it's really only been in the last 20 or 30 years that we've begun to work about well how did those technological solutions continues or multiple generations where we were use up resources list quickly as you are to graduates are.

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