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Michelle's got the guts to be a great governor. So that puts you your climate and environmental credentials out there. But since you become governor, you talk, you know, you continue to talk a lot about it. And you'll one of more than a dozen states sticking to the international climate demands from the Paris accord, but you also have got a windfall from fossil fuel and you've been able to invest a huge amount in education, which is a huge priority in your state. How do you balance the desperate needs of your state, which is some of the poorest results an infrastructure in education? And money that you need and you're now getting it from fossil fuels right now. We are. No question about that. This is the state. That's always been right about balancing interests, making sure that we invest, although I inherited inherited pretty desperate situation where we didn't try to move the needle in any context, including supporting an all of the above energy agenda, which allows us to do responsible aggressive work to combat climate change. So we're we are now leading the nation in carbon-free. We said by twenty forty five our largest utility company says that they could beat that by five years. It's the most aggressive agenda in the country, plus renewable portfolio standards that only can be matched by three other states in the country. And we're making that transition, and we make that transition by making sure that oil and gas is clean as it can be that they reduced their carbon footprint. That we have real teeth and our oil and gas oversight efforts, and that we're doing methane mitigation which creates jobs in really focuses on making sure that we're reducing our greenhouse gases and greenhouse gas emissions. We are all working together. We are demonstrating that you can take very very desperate right and significantly challenging issues. Mary them in a productive way. That allows you to make a real difference in your state, and you're exactly right. We took four hundred and forty six Billy billion. I wish a million dollars into public education and early childhood education. Because this is the state that is ready to make the kinds of changes where other governors are coming here to see how to get things done. And I noticed that is some bipartisan governments about that leading the country. Yeah, I'm that's great, congratulations. But it's not a partisan thanksgiving. I know that they Republican governors also who are in this in this move as well, I just wanna play for you a sound bite by the international activists. Now, the sixteen year old girl, Greta Thanh, who's just been in London with these climate protests, and she addressed the parliament, and it's just just play the sound bite. And I want to ask you about public opinion. Now, thank you. Many of you don't want to listen to us. You say we are just chilling. We are under the peaching. The message of the United counting science number. Probably don't even have future anymore. Because the future was so a small number of people could make unimaginable amount of money. It was so infamous every time you said that the sky was limits, and that you live once did you hear me? It's my English. Okay. Because I'm beginning to wonder. She's so impressive. And I know kids in New Mexico of getting on this who I can just in the short time, we have left your reaction to that. Look, this is a young woman with incredible, courage, and charisma exactly the kind of positive messaging we can address climate change. And we don't do that by ignoring it. It is real every state every community every person irrespective of age must embrace the fact that the science is real, and we must pivot and the best response to a fossil fuel industry is to immediately pivot to renewable energies and just watch New Mexico become the clean, energy state and a state that gets the storage and the wind energy, right? And that unequivocally makes the kind of impact that anybody else anywhere on the planet

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