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A f f i x chicago i'm violeta podrumedic wgn traffic central now the wgn forecast here's tom skilling june has been running pretty close to normal but there's a warm week ahead at a hot humid weekend shaping up for the chicago area the big rains over the weekend welcome in some of the southern suburbs have led up some but we may get an isolated shower in spots tonight and tomorrow tonight cloudy and damp a little drizzle at times maybe a shower low sixty three tuesday mostly cloudy and warmer some breaks for sun on the afternoon little early drizzle then maybe a shower thunderstorm and a few locations in the afternoon high near eighty three tomorrow tuesday night partly cloudy warm hazy possible fought patches low sixty five and wednesday partly sunny and warm high eighty four thirsty mostly sunny and warm not quite as humid high eighty three and friday variably cloudy warm and humid few scattered mainly afternoon thunderstorms possible friday high up to eighty eight with nineties expected over the coming weekend i'm tom skilling at the w eugene weather center it is sixty nine degrees at o'hare midway sixty nine it's sixty nine in hoffman estates sixtyone along chicago's lakefront winds are southeast eight miles an hour the barometer steady i'm judy pilot in the wgn newsroom ready to join the conversation whenever a story changes on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn although it does sort of feel like a fall afternoon now about it right now caller number nineteen caller number nineteen at three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred wins a family fourpack of passes t eleventh annual blackhawks convention at the hilton chicago july twenty seventh through the twenty nineth catcher convention passes.

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