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Stress is that you yeah our goal my here we go it's gold mine when does the tax I felt as if there was another presence with me with yes what's that they do exist and that there are out there I think you believe in god right I believe in god yes well when you pray to the holy ghost the father son and holy ghost that's right hello yeah from a gold mine they're definitely out there there definitely are definitely real they can definitely intermingle with okay we're gonna listen here gold mine stay safe my friend goldmine mine is about to be pocketed by mustached ghost tension over in pain holding his chest tells twenty I know there's something wrong tell him I'm calling an ambulance or taking you to the hospital the directories and it was concluded that he had a concave chess in an accident or something I never got yes daughter sunrise okay Simon Peter last went on to have a concave chest I've seen other residents disgusting a friend told me of the racist sentiments that might be able to help neighbors goes to that guy well any other fantastic.

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